A space in the living room that becomes the focal interest is the sofa. People will sit on it and see anything around it. We will directly see the wall over it. Some people might ignore this and will only be concerned about the table. Though, decorating this space will cause a high impact. So, never let the wall over the sofa be empty. Make it more adorable by adding anything. In this article, we have collected decorating ideas to spruce up the space around it. Check them out!

Subtle Look with Home Sign

Subtle look with home sign

This living room shows a subtle look with earthy colors. White and grey shades look so gorgeous here. The space over the sofa is decorated well with a home sign made of wood. A ladder wall shelf looks interesting as well. Another side of it is simple with a side table. 

Living Room Decoration with Natural Feeling

Living room decoration with natural feeling

We will talk about plants in this way. The owner of the house loves the natural things inside. So, he adds floating shelves with plants. You can see more spaces around the sofa with potted green plants. Over it is filled with beautiful grid paintings.

Fabulous Living Room with Mirror

Fabulous living room with mirror

Whether your living is spacious or not, adding a mirror is a great option. It will brighten up your space without spending a lot of money. The mirror dramatically reflects the light to your living room space and makes it more spacious with one large mirror over the sofa. Then, you will get a better living room design.

Living Room with Rustic Tone

Living room with rustic tone

A whitewashed living room wall with dreamcatchers is nice. It shows a rustic feeling with a more wooden tone. See the floating wall shelves and tripod floor lamps with a modern rustic style. You can do so for your living room with your personal touches. 

Artistic Living Room with Painting

Artistic living room with painting

Adding an abstract painting to the space above the sofa is a great idea. It makes this room looks so artistic. You don’t have to buy an expensive one. Just make your abstract painting version and frame it. Then, place it on the wall right over the sofa. 

Classic Living Room Decoration

Classic living room decoration

Do you love classic things? Try to decorate your living room with photo frames! It is one of the keys to adding vintage to your life. Look at the blank photo frames that are so gorgeous in the picture. You can add your vintage-style photos too. 




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