Are you searching for A Scandinavian-inspired house decoration for winter? You might find more neutral colors just like white, black, and brown. Scandinavian style shows us more about simplicity that works well for a minimalist house. In winter you might find some Christmas ornaments inside. In this section, we will show you a house with Scandinavian-inspired Christmas decorations that easy to copy. Furthermore, each room shows a winter feel that looks nice to hibernate. Check out!

This open living room has white and gray walls so it fits perfectly with the Scandinavian theme. The Christmas tree that is displayed in the living room area will make your Christmas celebration more festive. White and Grey Themed from @let_there_be_white.

This dining living room has a white color that looks simple and suitable to be combined with anything. Snowballs and evergreens placed on the table will become a centerpiece. Some neatly arranged Christmas gifts will bring a real Christmas feel. White Themed from @redrow_cambridge.

This Scandinavian dining room uses white furniture so it looks simple but still perfect. A white chair decorated with a red bow will make it look beautiful and perfect for Christmas celebrations. White Wooden Furniture from @boro.kosa.

This entryway uses a wooden console table with a snowy Christmas tree on top so it will look more festive. The large lighted Christmas tree that stands in the entryway area will catch the attention of everyone who comes. Wooden Console Table from @britton.interiors.

A Christmas tree with festive decorations placed in a corner will present a very festive appearance and make Christmas celebrations livelier. White and wooden furniture will provide comfort here. Corner Christmas Tree from

Glass walls will give a very beautiful outdoor display and are suitable for Scandinavian decorating ideas. The Christmas tree will present the perfect Christmas look in a very simple way. White and Dark Grey Themed from @mialehikoinen.

The Small Living room with gray sofa and rattan coffee table is perfect for a Scandinavian theme. Here you can add a Christmas tree decorated with string lights to enliven Christmas celebrations in this living room. Lighted Christmas Tree from @unnanlinna.

Simple but still perfect. This entryway uses wooden furniture which will present a Scandinavian look. Hanging snowflakes, star ornaments, reindeers and several other small ornaments will add a Christmas touch and make your Christmas decorations even more perfect. Christmas Entryway from @francin_life.

The Christmas tree that is displayed in the corner of the dining room will make the Christmas decorations even more real. Various ornaments that are hung on the Christmas tree will present a very festive look and manage to steal the show. Scandinavian Dining Room from @dougs.digs.

The white wall will be the main background in this Scandinavian living room. Evergreen garland, small Christmas tree and star ornament will work together to bring joy to this year’s Christmas celebration. White Wall from @ape.41.

This white sofa combined with a rattan Coffee table and chair can never fail for a Scandinavian Christmas decoration. Placing a Christmas tree in a corner will give you the perfect Christmas look without going overboard. White and Rattan Furniture from @1001home_.

The yellow lighted Christmas tree standing beside the sofa will give a beautiful look and is perfect for a Christmas theme. Some Christmas gifts are displayed under the Christmas tree so it will look very festive. Yellow Lighted Christmas Tree from @kaatjes_home.

This dining room uses wooden chairs so it’s perfect for a Scandinavian theme. Evergreen garland decorated with Christmas balls will make it look more festive. Displayed on the wall will make your wall stand out. Wooden Dining Chair from @interior_by_rikke.

The combination of white and black in this dining room will present a beautiful monochromatic look. Star ornaments that are hung on the ceiling will make it look perfect at Christmas celebrations. Then you can add a lighted Christmas tree as well so it will look very festive. White and Black Nuance from @janandnyberg.

This Christmas dining room decoration looks cute but not over the top. A Christmas tree decorated with string lights, Christmas balls and star ornaments will make it look very beautiful without being overdone. White Interior from @mirandadriehuizen.

This Christmas guest room looks festive with a decorative Christmas tree so it will look very festive. Not only that, here you can also add string lights to decorate windows to make them look livelier. Wooden Floor from @splittertine.

The Christmas tree which is decorated with various ornaments will be the perfect Christmas decoration in this living room so it will look perfect. Then you can use Letter L sofa as furniture so it can accommodate more people. Letter L sofa from @ohwiezauberhaft.

Having a white and beige theme will make this living room look calming. A Christmas tree decorated with jingle bells and other ornaments will make it look very festive. The star ornament displayed on the wall will make the living room look more lively. Beige and White Themed from @benedictehn.

This dining room looks simple but still perfect for Christmas celebrations. Here you only need to place a Christmas tree in this dining room. Then decorate it with various string lights and Christmas balls so it will look festive. Scandinavian Dining Room Furniture from @casa.koppenburg.

The large Christmas tree that is displayed in the Scandinavian living room manages to present a very festive look. Coated with white powder which will give a snowy impression making it look even more perfect. Large Christmas Tree from @ndustrialstudios.


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