Do you want to make your carpet look beautiful for the coming occasion? Do you want to increase the lifespan of your rugs?

If so, it’s time to hire the best carpet cleaning in Burnaby!

Carpets collect a lot of dust and other debris, which causes them to reflect poorly and causes them to smell awful, and irritate the lungs.

Hiring a professional carpet cleaning may assist you in removing dirt and debris while also restoring your dingy carpeting to its former splendor.

But if you are looking for a professional cleaner, you should ask a few questions beforehand to ensure quick and hassle-free cleaning.

Question #1: What Carpet Cleaning Techniques Do You Employ?

With this inquiry, you don’t want to know the ins and outs of carpet cleaning, but you do want to know that they have more than one cleaning method available. You should know that different types of carpets require different cleaning methods. You want to know that the cleaning firm has a variety of procedures for dealing with your carpet, even if you’re not sure which ones are available.

Question #2: Are You Insured?

When you ask your carpet cleaners this question, you’re essentially asking whether or not their business is bonded and insured. These policies ensure that any accidental damage to your carpets, home furniture, or other objects on your premises during their work is covered.

If professional carpet cleaners in your area were to inadvertently knock over an expensive painting or a decorative piece passed down through the generations while moving, their insurance policy would cover the losses and pay to replace your shattered décor item.

Mistake #3: Does a Written Guarantee Back Up Your Work?

A good business carpet cleaning company will always provide a guarantee since they want their customers to be satisfied. Any hesitation in providing a guarantee is a strong indicator that they will not provide the best service.

If you are not completely pleased with the job of a professional carpet cleaning service, they will always redo it. If experts provide even more as a guarantee, they are quite confident in their talents, and you can nearly assure that they will deliver excellent results.

Question #4: Do your Prices Change Based on the Number or Size of Carpets?

Some businesses demand a yearly fee. Some may charge you based on the number of carpets you have. Choosing a provider that costs a fixed rate is always the best option. You never know when you might add to your carpet collection during the year.

Question #5: Could You Provide me with a Few Client References?

Always go with a carpet cleaning business that has received positive and trustworthy feedback from prior clients. While you can browse for reviews online, you can’t always be sure they’re from real customers because some businesses pose their staff as customers and have them provide excellent ratings.

To avoid such scenarios, request references from pleased consumers directly from the service provider. It would be much better to obtain a few phone numbers from the supplier to call the clients directly.


There’s nothing wrong with asking carpet cleaning service questions to understand better what you’re paying for.

You’ll have all the knowledge you need to make an educated decision and finish with clean, long-lasting carpets throughout your home.

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