If you take good care of things, they last. The same theory applies to the carpet. When you care for and maintain your carpet properly, it lasts 10-12 years. Carpets are an aesthetically appealing addition to your home and office space. They are also one of the most abused upholstery pieces and are prone to staining, spilling, and accumulation of germs, dirt, and bacteria. 

You do not have to go out of the way to maintain your carpet in the long run. Working on the below-listed tips will outgrow your carpet’s life. 

Vacuum the Carpet Regularly

One of the simplest things for maintaining your carpet is vacuuming it regularly. Vacuuming removes all the tiny dust particles from the upholstery, thus keeping it clean. Ensure you dust or sweep your home thoroughly before vacuuming, as the carpet’s fibres may lock germs and dust. 

Take your time when it comes to vacuuming the carpet. When you do it at a slower pace, you can pick up the dirt gathered below the carpet’s surface. 

Rearrange the Furniture

It is a tip that most of you may not know about. If you want to maintain the shape of the carpet, rearrange the position of your furniture from time to time. It ensures that only one spot of your carpet is not taking all the weight. 

Another benefit of rearranging the furniture from time to time is that it reduces uneven discolouration from the carpet. Never drag the furniture if you want to move it. Always lift and rearrange it on the carpet. 

Opt for Professional Carpet Cleaning

Vacuuming the carpet is a good idea, but do you know that vacuuming offers only 75 percent cleaning of the carpet? Opt for professional carpet cleaning if you want to clean your carpet thoroughly. These professionals use professionals use carpet shampoo cleaning machines, high-quality carpet cleaning solutions, and other techniques such as steam cleaning to clean the carpet. 

The results are dramatic. It feels as if your carpet has come back to life. Many carpet cleaning services are operating all over the city, and it is a good idea to book them. Professional carpet cleaning should be done twice a year. 

Do not Bring Shoes on the Carpet

One of the most common things that deteriorates your carpet has to be your shoes. Even if it appears that you are wearing clean shoes and walking on the carpet, expect your carpet to house a ton of outdoor dust and dirt. 

Apart from leaving debris, walking on the carpet with shoes also causes other wear and tear. Thus, make a strict shoe-free zone policy for your family members and outsiders if you want to maintain the rug in the long run. 

Clean Stains Immediately

Do not wait for the stains to dry and clean if you have spilled something on the carpet. Clean them immediately to maintain your upholstery in good condition. The key is to dab and not scrub the carpet while cleaning these stains. 

Always use professional cleaning products to do away with the stains. A few home remedies may help, but they do not provide a 100 percent solution to your problem. 

Do not Expose your Carpet to Sunlight

Sunlight is one of the culprits that damage your carpet to a greater extent. When your carpet is exposed to sunlight regularly, its colour starts fading away. The fabric becomes hard, and your carpet becomes old in no time. 

Do not place the carpet where the sunlight is direct. Install lined curtains or thick blinds blocking the sunlight during morning and evening hours. 


Follow the above-listed maintenance tips for your carpet regularly, and we promise it will look newer, cleaner, and better than before. 

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