You can create any creative craft to beautify your home decoration. Check all the ideas you can create at home below.

Plastic Spoon Watch Decoration

Inventive Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas With Up Level Imagination


For the first project, take a normal clock to start with and choose the color palette for the plastic cutlery according to the color of the clock. Then, paint the forks, knives, and spoons in the required colors. Once the paint dries off, you can start sticking the cutlery at the back of the clock in the same places as numbers are placed. This step will give a more aesthetic look to the clock in your kitchen or dining hall.

Plastic Spoon Chrysanthemum Mirror

Inventive Plastic Spoon Craft Ideas With Up Level Imagination


Choose the shape of the mirror at first to decide which place will the mirror be placed and what colors can be chosen to adorn the mirror. So, first, paint the old used plastic spoons and cut off the stalks of the spoons. Be careful while cutting the mast of the spoon, the spoons might chip or break off while cutting. Next, we will be using the head of the spoons. Then, you can paint the spoons in the required color. After that, start sticking the spoon heads on the sides of the mirror. While sticking the spoon heads keep the outer edge on the outside. The result of this DIY project looks great even in your dining halls, dressing rooms, bathrooms, etc. On the other hand, you can take the help of your kids as well to realize this DIY project.

Plastic Spoon Wreath

For this project, you need to prepare some super flexible plastic spoons so you can start bending these spoons backward for preparing them to be used in wreath making process. Then, staple the base of the stalk to the previous stalk and glue the spoon head to the base of the next spoon head. You will be amazed to end with such a great wreathe design, where you can even paint the spoons before making the wreath or painting the wreath afterward, is also an acceptable idea.

Plastic Spoon Christmas Trees

Look at this beautiful Christmas tree project. First of all, you have to prepare hard brown paper to make the base. Second, fold the brown paper in the shape of a cone and cut off the tip of the cone. Third, plain the base of the brown paper cone and cut the spoon heads off from the stalks. Fourth, start pasting the spoon heads on the brown paper base. Here, you need to paste the spoon heads on the sunny side up and paint these spoon heads in green color as well. Besides, you can also add small Thermocol balls to give a snow effect.

Plastic Spoon Pineapple Lamp

You will require old used plastic spoons for this DIY project. Here, you can either use a traditional paint and brush method or use a spray painting method. First, cut the stalk of the spoon from the head of the spoon. Second, take an old plastic bottle and start pasting the painted plastic spoon heads along with the bottom-most point of the plastic bottle. Do not forget to carry out this pasting activity until you reach the top of the bottle. Third, push the bulb inside the plastic bottle from the open end and add green paper leaves on the top of the lamp. Finally, you will have a cute fruity lamp shade so you can use it for slumber parties, your child’s room, etc.


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