49 Hanging Bathroom Storage Ideas to Maximize your Small Bathroom Space

No matter how small, awkward, or unusual your bathroom space, a perfect bathroom is the one that is clutter-free and also functional as possible. Th benefit it of it go beyond aesthetics. A bathroom in which everything is stored neatly looks more attractive and easier to use. When you need something, you can simply take it and use it without making a mess.

55 Beautiful and Functional Small Laundry Room Design Ideas

Decorating laundry room ends up as the last list of the places in the home to consider. It is because this place is not the center stage of the house, but this space still needs a consideration. A perfect laundry room is the one with beautiful design but also functional. So, let’s make your laundry room design go to the next level.

49 Cheap DIY Coffee Mug Holders you Can Easily Make

Use several easily personalized materials in making a mug holder. Try to use hooks, paints, and embellish it. Then, take old spoon to use as a hook by bending the handle. Other DIY ideas, take pieces of wood, paint them, then make a message on it. Add these hooks on the wall or use a pegboard that can be easily organized.

43 Handy Corner Storage Ideas That Will Maximize Your Space

The corner of the room is one of the most neglected areas and unthinkable to be decorated. Even though it is small, this corner can have many functions and looks more attractive. There are several ways to maximize and make it more effective. It can be used as study or work space. Then, a place to store clothes. You can hang your clothes and arrange them neatly.

52 Built-in Bathroom Shelf And Storage Ideas to Keep Your Bathroom Organized

Many people need more storage or at least attractive storage in their bathroom. There are several practical ways in using bathroom corners that can be used as storage. You can choose some creative and interesting storage ideas that can help you get around the corner of the bathroom using built in storage. One example is using a small storage so it doesn’t take up too much space.