Do you like reading newspapers? If so, the newspapers you buy every day will pile up a lot. So, what are you going to do with your old newspapers? If you are confused, you can recycle them into something new, useful, and valuable. Moreover, reusing your old newspapers is a great way to help the environment and save money. So, do you want to recycle your old newspapers?

There are some creative ideas to recycle your old newspaper. You can turn your old newspaper into anything from wreath to a bouquet. You can even create a fan, lampshade, various of frames, and other decorative items from the old newspapers. For another idea, you can make a hat, bag, basket, ornament, vase, and more. Check out this article for fun ideas.

Floral Wreath Old Newspaper from homedit 

Newspaper Nightstand  from homedit

Newspaper Lampshade from homedit

Old Newspaper Mirror Frame  from homedit

Colored Newspaper Floral from thesprucecrafts  Monogram Newspaper from thesprucecrafts 

DIY Floral Newspaper Bouquet from thesprucecrafts

Newspaper Lantern from thesprucecrafts

Pooted Newspaper from thesprucecrafts

Envelope from thesprucecrafts

Newspaper Bag from thesprucecrafts

Newspaper Blind from thesprucecrafts

Cupcake Statue from thesprucecrafts

DIY Newspaper Spiral Penguin from diycraftsy Handcrafted Newspaper Flower from diycraftsy  DIY Newspaper Building Block from diycraftsy  DIY Newspaper Wedding Bouquet  from diycraftsy  Handcrafted Newspaper Treat Bags  from diycraftsy  DIY Newspaper Gift Bag  from diycraftsy  DIY Newspaper Bird from diycraftsy  Newspaper Bird from diycraftsy  Newspaper Frame from diycraftsy  DIY Rolled Newspaper Pirate Swords  from diycraftsy  DIY Handcrafted Newspaper Sunflower  from diycraftsy  Newspaper Pears from diycraftsy  Newspaper Vase from diycraftsy  DIY Newspaper Pencil Holder  from diycraftsy  Newspaper Pumpkin Stud from diycraftsy  Newspaper Art from diycraftsy Photo Frame from diycraftsy  Woven Newspaper Clutch from diycraftsy 

Table Runner Newspaper from diycraftsy

DIY Recycled Newspaper Gift Toppers from modpodgerocksblog Newspaper Medallion Wreath from modpodgerocksblogNewspaper Basket Weaving from modpodgerocksblog Newspaper Garland from modpodgerocksblogDIY Newspaper Party Pom Poms from modpodgerocksblog

DIY Newspaper Leaf from modpodgerocksblogNewspaper Pom Pom from modpodgerocksblog DIY Newspaper Lampshade Makeover from modpodgerocksblog Newspaper Chicks Wreath from modpodgerocksblog Mirror Frame Newspaper from modpodgerocksblog

Recycle Old Newspaper Bag from modpodgerocksblog

Bird Statue from hergazette Ball Ornament from hergazette Star Ornament from hergazetteOld Newspaper Monogram from hergazetteNewspaper Wall Art from hergazette
Newspaper Hat from hergazetteNewspaper Statue from hergazetteNewspaper Necklace from hergazette Owl Craft from hergazetteStar and Moon Hanging Ornament from hergazette

DIY Vases

DIY Flower Newspaper from hergazette

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