When the fall comes with leaves and branches around your home, you might find more rustic home decor everywhere. However, it doesn’t mean that we can not adopt a modern decor for fall. Apartments and or penthouses deal with modern style with more newest furniture items inside. So, decorating those home styles with a modern feel looks more appropriate. In this article, we will show modern fall home decor setups that are easy and simple to copy for your own home. Check out them further and get inspired.

Posh Pumpkins In The Same Color

Posh pumpkins in the same color


The modern home-style look is simpler and calmer. You don’t have to install many things inside. This fall, white pumpkins, and greens seem better for your modern style. Those are neutral and natural. Adding a big painting for the background is a pretty genius idea. However, it is not a must. You can let your own white wall and it is enough to show your modern fall decor.

Add Miniature Magic To Your Decor

Create a centerpiece with miniature pumpkins that will give magical feelings to your fall decor. You may also add some sweet gourds or cinnamon broom clippings to make a more festive tone. Sure, this simple way will not spend a lot of money. Even, you can find the pieces next to your room in your little garden. We love the tray that is elegant and chic for table decor.

Live Wreath on The Window

Wreaths aren’t just for winter decor. You can hang dried leaves or dried flowers on the window for autumn decor as well. In this picture, we see the designer of this dining room adds a dried flowers wreath to the window and gives it a more festive vibe. Even, we adore the table decoration as well with a wicker pumpkin.

Simple Mantel Makeover for Fall

Upgrade your mantel decoration with a garland of leaves or a few white gourds to get an autumn vibe. Then, give cozy throw pillows and knit blankets to feel warm and comfortable during the autumn days. This cabin-inspired decor will bring your home to the next level of coziness.

Pumpkins With A Pop Of Paint

Well. It is about crafting pumpkins with a pop of colors. Soft colors for fall are nice and beautiful. Adding other touches like white lines and leaves will spruce them up. Put some pumpkins with your own personal touches for your modern fall decor is a great idea. This simple decor will not spend a lot of money.

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