It might be expensive to buy a new cabinet this year. However, your old kitchen cabinet is already looking dull. So, it is the best time to make it brand new. Upgrading an old kitchen cabinet with your touches will be one of the solutions. It will never need a lot of money. Add some accessories or give it a new look. We will show you DIY kitchen cabinet ideas as follow. Check out!

Add LED Lights to Kitchen Cabinets

Add led lights to kitchen cabinets


Make your kitchen cabinet looks brighter at night by adding some LED lights. Upper lighting items seem so great for upper cabinets. Those will enlighten the space underneath. The kitchen cabinet looks more eye-catching. Choose the best bulb color as your kitchen theme.

DIY Door Organizer

Need more storage to save your stuff? Look at the picture above! It has a DIY door organizer that anyone can make. This organizer helps the owner to store kitchen cleaning tools. You are free to save other things here. DIY door organizer in the cabinet makes you keep your kitchen from clutter.

DIY Slab-to-Shaker Kitchen Cabinets

Upgrading a kitchen cabinet shouldn’t have to spend a lot of budgets. You can make frames for each cabinet door and drawer. Use 1/4-inch plywood to make the frame. Then, cut it in any size based on your kitchen doors and drawers. Attach the plywood to make the frame using hot glue.

Cabinet Door with Barn Wood

It will add a rustic touch to your kitchen cabinet with a barn wood door. You don’t have to make the real one. Just buy a replica of weathered barn wood for your kitchen cabinet. The look will be such the real one. Then, it will be more durable. 

Satin-Finish Brass Fixtures

Satin-sheen brass fixtures will make your kitchen cabinet to be warmer. Furthermore, it also gives a classic look. This cream-colored kitchen looks more masculine after the owner applies elegant brass fixtures. You can do so for your kitchen to add a more gentle feeling.

Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinets

The easiest way to upgrade a kitchen cabinet look is by painting. You don’t need advanced skills to do it. Painting is a super-easy way that a newbie can do in minutes. Give your kitchen a new look with a two-toned painting. Customize the colors you like.


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