Plying kite in summer is such a fun thing that you should do with your family. Buying some kites from the store looks so easy. However, creating them for your kids will be much more valuable. Furthermore, it is not an expensive project. What you need to prepare are paper, threads, branches of wood, or other things to support the kite.  Ask your kids to make the kite with you, it could such an interesting kids’ craft this summer. Then, you can play it on the beach or anywhere.

Kite With Name

Kite with name


What more pleasant than creating crafts that show your personality. Write down your name on the kite and let it fly. Show people that you are able to make the kite by your hand. It will be fun to ask your kid to have one.

Kite From A Plastic Bag

Awesome. How can a plastic bag be so much useful rather than carry your grocery! Look at this picture that shows a boy play kite that made of plastic. Sure, it is affordable for everyone. You don’t have to buy a plastic bag.

Easy Kite For Kids

What a simple kite is this! The kids can make it in minutes even for the first time. Add streamers at the bottom of it. So, it will fly in the sky. Feel free to choose any color as your kids want. Further, you can draw a picture in the kite as well.

DIY Lunch Sack Kite

This idea will trigger you to not throw away your unused lunch sack. Sure, the creator tells us that it can be used for creating a kite. Add streamers to make it fly as far as the thread’s length. Apply some accents like stickers, decals, or others.

Patchwork Kite For Kids

What about this cute kite? We love the color combination that so eye-catching. It is made of pasta noodles. The creator decides to apply a simple kite design but looks nice. Even it has a beautiful tail as well. The kids will this, either boy or girl.

DIY Mini Paper Kites

Ask your kid to find paper in different colors and patterns. Then, create the kite with them to play this afternoon. However, you should see whether the wind today will help you to do so. With a simple design, anyone can accomplish it sooner.

Garland-Inspired Look

Take some tissue papers to make this cool kite design. Add Drinking straws to create the garland look. Then, ask your kids to play this kite with you. Have fun!

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