It is great to have a water fountain. Not only for the adorable water fountain design that you can have but also the sound of the water that falls down that can give us a certain peaceful impression. Anyway, talking about the water fountain, having the indoor fountains are so relaxing and pretty. They actually role as beautiful decor pieces. By seeing the ideas below, you will never think to buy an indoor fountain but you will create it yourself.

Indoor Bubble Fountain

Indoor bubble fountain Building Indoor Fountain Ideas To Refresh Your Mind Every Day


Look at this pretty fountain that is good either for indoor or outdoor. The supplies you need to create this fountain are a submersible pump, clear vinyl tubing, large waterproof pot with no drainage holes (small and large), brick or cinder block, drill, bit, several medium-sized rocks, a bag of pea gravel, or small decorative river rock, clear waterproof silicone caulk, and electrical supplies to splice the electrical cord.

DIY Dolphin Fountain

Diy dolphin fountain Building Indoor Fountain Ideas To Refresh Your Mind Every Day


Are you looking for an elegant and stylish indoor fountain? This idea is highly recommended for you. Prepare the supplies like black cement, Styrofoam, barbeque sticks, hot glue gun, electric wire, brushes, acrylic colors, cement colors, polyester net, stainless steel shower, detail knife, iron stick, a silver pipe, binding wire, plastic rope, golden spray, water pipe, PVC pipe, plastic bucket, crush and sun, water pump, wire cutter, soldering iron, transparent silicon, a silver pipe, and LED lights.

DIY Indoor Cement Water Fountain

By seeing the result, this indoor cement water fountain is not only smart for your collection but also good to sell for a good profit. Before that, here are the materials you need. There are PVC pipes, a glue gun, cotton cloth, decorative stones or pebbles, an aquarium water pump, some polystyrene boards, water, and a bowl. Besides, if you do not have polystyrene boards, you can use a polystyrene cooler.

Easy Indoor Water Fountain

This indoor fountain is super easy and very inexpensive. The supplies you need are a water-light bowl, a small fountain pump, decorative rocks, and a remote control outlet switch. Here, when it has a switch on the electrical cord, it will be great so you can easily turn it on and off.

Illuminated Indoor Fountain

Last, let us go to the illuminated indoor fountain as the only fountain that needs some heavy materials. There are short pieces of galvanized drain grid, stone tile mat, a single LED stripe, controller, water pump, construction adhesive or silicone, adaptor DC plug, water, and a couple of glass stones.


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