How do you celebrate love on Valentine’s Day this year? Have you thought about what to do with your partner for Valentine’s Day? This is the right time to express your love in many ways. You can create a romantic environment for your home by making easy DIY decorations. Besides this will save your budget, making it with loved ones will add to the romance even more. So, how to do DIY Valentine decor in your home to celebrate love? There are some things that you can do to make DIY Valentine decor. We have gathered some DIY Valentine Decor ideas that you can apply. From wreaths, love signs, garlands, to the wall decor.


One of the DIY Valentine Decor that you can apply to your home is wreath, especially heart-shaped wreath. Placing this ornament for your home decor will add romance to your home. You can make it from a variety of materials. Such as pom poms, paper, yarn, flowers, tissue paper, and others. Its versatility and flexibility make it easy to use to decorate multiple places, such as doors, fireplaces or windows.

Wood Peg Heart Shaped Wreath from countryliving

Plush Heart Wreath from countryliving

Berry and Spice Wreath from countryliving

Grapevine and Berry Wreath from countryliving

Heart-Shaped Rag Wreath from countryliving

Valentine’s Day Wreath from countryliving

Heart Grapevine Wreath from countryliving

Candy Hearts Wreath from countryliving

DIY Coffee Filter Wreath from countryliving

DIY Pom-Pom Wreath from countryliving

Felt Rosette Wreath from countryliving

Tissue Paper Heart Wreath from countryliving

Valentine’s Day Wreath from countryliving

Heart Candies Wreath from countryliving

Wall Decor

If you don’t feel like painting the walls pink and red, consider creating a natural-looking wall hanging. Yarn hearts can be a beautiful way to decorate a wall for Valentine’s Day. If you don’t want to use a painting or a craft, you can also use yarn to make your own. Felt flowers are an easy DIY project and can add a touch of love to your home. You can use it to decorate your walls. A heart wall decals also can be your options.

Dip Dyed Wooden Stick Heart Hanging from homebnc

Roses and String DIY Wall Hanging from homebnc

DIY Heart Cutout Wall Hanging from homebnc

Heart Shaped Wall Decor from diyprojectsforteens

Valentine’s Day Embroidery Hoops from diyprojectsforteens

DIY Floral Hearts from countryliving

Hearts Wall Decoration from shelterness

Cross Stitch Heart in Wood from shelterness

Heart Three Dimensional from diycandy

Pink  Pallet Clock from diycandy

Geometric Heart from diycandy

Heart Wall Decals from diycandy

Heart Wall Decor from forcreativejuice

Love Sign

Another way to express and celebrate love in your home is to create a love sign. This is a unique way but can strengthen the declaration of love in your home. You can make it from wooden planks that are no longer used. Make it as festive as possible by adding a red or pink colors, heart shapes and another decorative item.

Pink Love Sign from shelterness

Ruffled Heart Love Sign from shelterness

Marquee Love Sign from shelterness

Gold Discs Love Sign from shelterness

Love Pallet Art from diycandy

Quote on Canvas from diycandy

String Art Sign  from diycandy

DIY Big Love Wood Sign from forcreativejuice


Making a decoration that can be hung is an interesting thing. This will make your home look attractive. In this case, you can make a DIY garland for your Valentine’s Day decoration. You can make it from several kinds of materials. Such as papers, pom poms, yarns, tassels and other unique items. To be identical with Valentine’s Day, use pink or red, and can be combined with white to make it more festive.

Glittery Garland from diycandy

Pink Tassel Garland from diycandy

Heart String Garland from diycandy

Heart Crochet Garland from diycandy

DIY 3D Heart Paper Garlands from forcreativejuice

Yarn Pom Pom Garland from forcreativejuice

DIY Valentine Pom Pom Decor from forcreativejuice

DIY Valentine’s Garland from architectureartdesigns

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