For your Valentine’s celebration, it will be great to prepare some decorations or simply ornament to beautify your home. Valentine is a celebration of love that is why giving your best effort to beautify your home will be worth it. It won’t only about your mate but also about your kids and parent. You can do DIY projects that will be fun and more challenging to express your love. It is quite easy to do the projects since you can have it just like the other DIY projects materials where what you should do to give it the Valentine touches is by giving the heart shape symbol, red or pink stuff, roses, or other sweet stuff.

Basically, the most important part of your Valentine’s decoration is the spot that you’ll use to celebrate it. In this case, the dining room will be the one you should take your concern since Valentine’s day is identical to having dinner together with your loved ones. Then, the bedroom will be the next important room. However, as the public room, decorating your living room will also be recommended. For the possible DIY Valentine projects, here we have prepared 90 ideas to give you ease in finding the ideas.

DIY Lipstick Art from Topdreamer

Paper Heart in Frame from Topdreamer

Heart Embed Candles from Topdreamer

Floating Heart Backdrop from Topdreamer

Yarn Hearts from Topdreamer

Valentine Glitter Mason Jar from Topdreamer

Fabric Heart Garland from Topdreamer

Be Mine Topiary from Topdreamer

Curly Valentine Garland from Topdreamer

Felt Heart Garland from Topdreamer

Valentine’s Tree from Topdreamer

Candles Decor from Topdreamer

Felt Heart Valentine Trees from Topdreamer

Felt Heart Set from Topdreamer

Hanging Paper Hearts from Topdreamer

DIY Pallet Valentine Art from Topdreamer

Red Heart Garland from Topdreamer

Heart Wreath from Topdreamer

DIY Glitter Heart Candles from Diyjoy

DIY String Heart from Diyjoy

Framed Button Heart from Diyjoy

Glitter Heart Balloon from Diyjoy

Heart Rustic Wood Sign from Diyjoy

Striped Love Sign from Diyjoy

Heart Cone Tree from Diyjoy

Washi Tape Heart from Diyjoy

3D Love Art from Nobiggie

Button Burlap Heart from Nobiggie

Painted Mason Jar from Nobiggie

String Art Heart from Nobiggie

DIY Heart Jars from Nobiggie

Paper Heart Tree from Nobiggie

Rose Bouquet Ball from Stylemotivation

Valentine’s Wreath from Stylemotivation

Heart Spray Painted Bottles from Stylemotivation

Yarn Love Letters from Stylemotivation

Paper Heart Garland from Stylemotivation

Felt Heart and Doily Garland from Stylemotivation

Crayon Hearts from Stylemotivation

Yarn Love from Hellolittlehome

DIY Chalkboard from Hellolittlehome

Paper Heart Garland from Hellolittlehome

Hanging Jeans Heart Ornament from Hellolittlehome

Heart Banner from Hellolittlehome

Paper Heart Bouquet from Hellolittlehome

Heart and Twig Tree from Hellolittlehome

Rose Heart Wreath from Hellolittlehome

Glitter Heart Art from Designdazzle

3D Paper Heart from Designdazzle

Paper Heart Art from Designdazzle

Pink Paper Garland from Architectureartdesigns

Decorative Jar from Architectureartdesigns

Hanging Paper Garland from Architectureartdesigns

Red Button Heart from Architectureartdesigns

Paper Page Heart from Architectureartdesigns

Heart Jar Lantern from Architectureartdesigns

Paper and Wire Wreath from Architectureartdesigns

Floating Candles from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Heart Ornament from Architectureartdesigns

Branch Heart from Curatedinterior

Pom Pom Heart Wreath from Curatedinterior

3D Paper Garland from Sarahblooms

Big Rose Heart from Sarahblooms

DIY Heart Art from Sarahblooms

DIY Valentine Banner from Sarahblooms

Decorative Pots from Sarahblooms

Paper Rose Garland from Sarahblooms

Felt Heart Ornament from Sarahblooms

Rose Heart from Sarahblooms

Love Garland from Sarahblooms

Hearts Tablecloth from Sarahblooms

Paper Heart Garland from Architecturesideas

Heart Garland from Architecturesideas

Crape Paper Wall Art from Architecturesideas

Chalkboard With Garland from Architecturesideas

Decorative Bottle from Architecturesideas

Clothespin Wreath from Architecturesideas

Yarn Love Art from Architecturesideas

Pink and Red Garland from Architecturesideas

Burlap Heart from Architecturesideas

3D Heart Garland from Stylemotivation

Valentine Sign from Stylemotivation

DIY Banner from Stylemotivation

DIY Valentine’s Mantel Decor from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Valentine Day Mason Jar from Architectureartdesigns

DIY Paper Garland from Stylemotivation

Valentine Chalkboard from Stylemotivation

Leaves Heart from Stylemotivation

Glitter Jar Candles Holder from Stylemotivation

Twig Wall Hanging from Housebeautiful

Footprint Heart Craft from Housebeautiful

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