Giving the DIY projects for your kids during their spring break can be functional. Although they only spend their time at home, they should do something positive that can improve their creativity and express their imagination. Since the projects will be aimed to be given for kids, then make sure that you don’t provide something difficult. Adjust it with their capability and age. If you have time, you can even do the projects with the kids. Here, you can increase the level of difficulties since you’ll be there to do the projects together.

Make the projects not only for the decoration. Create also some things that can be used for your kids like a pencil holder, snack container, and more. However, I’m sure that your kids will also interested to give something beautiful for their homes, that’s why make also some stuff for your home decoration. The wreath, garland, table centerpiece are some of those spring decoration projects you can make. Don’t forget to present the blooming, egg, rabbit, or chick with a fresh colorful look. Get the inspiration below!

To fill your spring break activities you can make crafts at home. Chickens and bunny ornament is a suitable one for your spring decoration ideas. You can make them in a glass jar and sprinkle them with glitter powder to make them look more beautiful. Jar Chickens and Bunny from Crazylittleprojects.

Making crafts is one of the interesting ideas to fill spring break activities. You can make a tulip flower arrangement out of colored paper. Using a paper straw as a stem will make your craft look more beautiful and creative. Paper Tulip Flower from Crazylittleprojects.

Pine Cone crafts are an interesting idea for your spring decor. You can make them at home to fill your spring break. Painting several cones in different colors will make them look beautiful and festive. Then you can string them together and use frames to enhance them so that they look more attractive. Pine Cone Craft from Architectureartdesigns.

Your flower is one of the perfect ornaments for your spring decoration idea. Making flower ornaments will make your holiday more enjoyable. DIY hanging flower chandeliers made of flowers and embroidery hoops look beautiful and refreshing for your spring decor ideas. DIY Flower Chandelier from Shelterness.

Using rags to make spring ornaments is an interesting idea to fill your break activities. You can make floral coasters using patchwork so that it will make your spring decorations look more creative in an easy way. DIY Rags Coasters from Shelterness.

Flower arrangement is the perfect choice to complement your spring decor. Making it yourself at home to fill spring break activities is a fun idea. You can use coffee filter to make flowers and put it in a glass vase so that it will look more attractive. DIY Flower Arrangement from Shelterness.

The DIY Easter tree made of colorful paper looks beautiful and attractive. You can use the twig as a stem so it will make it look perfect with a natural look. Placing it on the table will be a beautiful decoration and make your spring break activities more enjoyable. DIY Paper Swedish Easter Tree from Listingmore.

Making crafts from flowers for your spring decoration ideas will be a fun thing for your spring break. Taking several types of flowers in the garden and arranging them into a floral monogram will make them look more attractive. You can hang it on the wall so it will be a perfect decoration. DIY Floral Monogram from Listingmore.

The faux flower arrangement looks great for making crafts for your spring break. You can string it on wooden planks and make a mason jar string art as a vase so that it will look creative in an easy way. Rustic Mason Jar String Art from Listingmore.

The flower arrangement made of pink filter coffee looks beautiful and attractive. Placing it in a glass jar vase will make it look more flawless. You can use it for table decoration so it looks perfect in spring. Pink Flower Arrangement from Stylemotivation.

Making crafts at home is one way to fill your spring break. DIY Egg Basket made of colorful blooming flowers will make your spring decorations look fresher. Placing it on the table will make it a focal point for a spring that will never fail. DIY Egg Basket from Stylemotivation.

Centerpiece is one of the ornaments that will complement the decoration in your home. To fill the spring break, you can make a centerpiece at home. Using painted eggshell and some flowers in the garden is an interesting idea. You can string them together and place in an egg box so that they become a beautiful and refreshing centerpiece. DIY Eggshell and Flower Centerpiece from Ideastand.

Making a mini wooden board with a hook on the wall is one way to fill your spring break activities at home. Flower arrangements with vase jars look especially beautiful for spring decorating ideas. You can place it on the wooden wall board that you made earlier so that it will make it stand out more. Wall Decor from Ideastand.

A wreath is one perfect ornament for a spring decor idea. You can make it using blooming flowers and green leaves that you get from the garden. Then you can hang it on the wall or on the door so that it will look even more stunning. DIY Flower Wreath from Shelterness.

Fireplace decoration with garland will make it look more prominent and attractive. You can make garland bunny out of burlap and moss so that it will give the perfect spring feel and make your spring break even more rewarding. Burlap Bunny Garland from Shelterness.

Making use of used photo frames to make spring crafts is a creative idea. You can make a flower arrangement and put it in the frame so that it looks attractive. Placing it on the table and leaning against the wall will bring its own charm to your home. Shadowbox Flower Display from Shelterness.

Decorating the walls is one way to make them stand out more and less boring. You can load DIY Tapestry for decoration on your wall. Using cloth and some flowers to make a tapestry is an interesting idea. After that you can hang it on the wall so that it becomes an awesome focal point. DIY Tapestry from Shelterness.

Utilizing eggshell for spring decorating ideas in your home is a creative choice and will never fail. You can use eggshell as a planter in your home. Then placing it on the wooden table will give it a natural look. Eggshell Planter from Shelterness.

Wall decoration will make your walls look more prominent and less boring. Using plants in the garden to make wall hangings will make your decorations look great at a low cost. Flowers and leaves that are inserted into the frame and hung on the wall will create a natural appearance. Framed 3D Wall Art from Shelterness.

DIY wagon wheel wreaths will bring a rustic look to your spring decor. Adding blooming flowers to the wagon wheel wreath will give you a beautiful and refreshing look. Hanging it on the front door will be the perfect spring greeter. Wagon Wheel Floral Wreath from Society19.

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