In spring, we get plenty of natural light every day. However, that can be so hot in the middle of the day. We need curtains to cover our windows. Buying window curtains will cost money. Do you want to save your budget and upgrade your window decor? Try these DIY curtains. We have gathered DIY curtain ideas in the list below. You can see them and choose which will fit your wish. You might get inspired to create a new curtain design too.

Custom Sharpie Doodled Curtains

Let’s make our kids look better this spring. Ask your kid to draw the pattern in plain fabric. You will need markers in various colors, an iron, and a sewing machine. This project is not tricky. You should work with your kid and make it as good as possible. See the tutorials here.

DIY Stencil Drapes

Adding a stencil to our curtains will upgrade their look. You will need panels, paint, foam roller, and tape. Grab the tools from a craft store. Choose the stencil pattern you like. Then, start stenciling your choice and see how your drapes become interesting.

DIY No Sew Faux Roman Shade

A faux roman shade will make your room looks gorgeous. You have to collect the supplies and tools. Prepare an iron, heavy starch, spray glue, stapler, and striped fabric. You will need canvas fabric, scissors, ribbon trim, a hot glue gun, and a piece of wood. Complete it with wooden or metal dowels. Start this project by measuring the window. Then, see the tutorials here.

DIY Fold and Clamp Tie Dye Curtain

Try tie-dye curtains to make your room look more attractive. You will need a die you choose, fabric, a clean bucket for dying, and rubber bands. Start by laying your fabric on a flat surface, like a table. Continue to fold the entire pieces of it into one strip. Then, flag the fold and tie. Now, you can start tie-dye.

DIY Patchwork Tea Towel Curtains

These dazzling curtains are adorable. Making them is not tricky. You will need tea towels and patch them together. What do you think? You will need sewing tools like a sewing machine, needle, and thread. If you can sew, this project is a piece of cake.

DIY Back Tab Curtains

Let’s upgrade your curtains by adding new backs. Prepare fabric, sewing machine, coordinating thread, pins, fabric scissors, cutting mat, marking pen, tape measure, ribbon, and matches. Start by cutting the fabric to make the backs. Check out more instructions here.



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