Are you looking for great wood projects to keep you busy this winter? Here, this page will serve you uncomplicated wood projects for your home design in winter. All ideas are rounded up on Unexpectedly Uncomplicated Home Design Ideas To Make From Wood This Winter.

Multi-Level Plant Stand

If you plan to have your plants indoors this winter, this project is good for you. With this multi-level plant stand, you can have a lot of greenery in a conveniently small space. The tools and materials you need are a table saw, jigsaw, a drill, a sander, hand tools, nice hardwood,  and a router (optional).

Folding Screen

Folding screen Unexpectedly Uncomplicated Home Design Ideas To Make From Wood This Winter

This folding screen can be used for a room divider or to screen off an area for a home office or craft space. Besides, you can also cover it with wallpaper to match your decoration or you may also pick out a feature color, such as wood or window film on transparent acrylic. This screen is made from lightly stained white oak and plywood panels.

Cedar Bath Mat

This cedar bath mat can be done in an hour. The materials you need are brad nails, lumber, antiskid pads, finishing supplies, paint stir stick, and sandpaper. Choose cedar for its look and rot-resistance, while you can choose other wood as well. Besides, in the finishing process you can use the tung oil for the mat, just wipe on a fresh coat.

Nelson Platform Bench

This platform bench can be one of your choices for your classic mid-century modern bench. The tools you need are belt sander, dado stack, drill, miter gauge, miter saw, orbital sander, and table saw. Meanwhile, the materials you need are 1x2x8’ maple, 1x3x6’ maple, painter’s tape, and wood glue.

DIY Cantilever End Table

This DIY cantilever end table is ready to add a modern splash to your living room. The tools needed for this project are a 16-gauge brad nail gun, clamps, drill, miter saw, and table saw. After that, the materials you need are 1-1/4’’ flat-head screws, 1×2 board, 2-in. 16-gauge brad nails, 3-in. Screws, ¾-in plywood, painter’s tape, and wood glue.

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