People are more aware of this lovely earth. They try to reduce junk by recycling and upcycling. They create more eco-friendly ways to decorate their home. One of the ongoing trends is using wine corks to decorate every room of your home. Wine corks are easy to find and affordable. However, it will be genius to use them in home decorating. We have collected gorgeous ways to use wine corks to improve home decor. Check them out further and get inspired!

DIY Wine Cork Headboard

Diy wine cork headboard


Collect as many wine corks as possible. Then, use them to make a headboard. Look at the picture! It shows an adorable headboard. You can do so for your bed. Attach the cork one by one to the wood board. Feel free to design it in your way.

DIY Cork Board

First, you will need a frame. Then, attach your wine corks one by one to it. Customize the design you love. Use hot glue to make sure that all wine corks are arranged well. Decorate it with anything you want whether notes, pearls, or others.

DIY Wine Cork Gallery for Kids Rooms

In this way, you will make a cork baseboard first. You will need a rectangular wooden board to make the base. Then, attach a sheet of thin cork. Make it tidy by cutting the rest of it. You can hang your kids’ work art if the baseboard is ready.

Glass Planter in Cork

You will need a sheet of thick cork. Then, cover a glass planter with it using hot glue. Now, you are free to decorate it with other supplies like glitter, pearls, or anything you like. This planter will work with any home theme in rustic, modern, or futuristic.

DIY Hexagon Cork Board

What do you think of this wall art? First, you need to buy some sheets of thin cork. Then, cut them out in hexagons. Paint them with dual colors style. Then, attach them to the wall. It is an easy way to fill the space on the wall. Then, it is cheap. 

DIY Bath Mat from Cork

Don’t throw away the wine corks! You can use them to make a DIY bath mat. Attach the wine corks one by one to the base. Then, you will get a new bath mat without spending much money. Even, you can produce more and sell them. Cool, huh? Why don’t you make it soon?


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