Fall is all about festive and warm nuance. Then, you can bring it to your home in many ways. One of them is by providing a lantern. Fall lantern is such an important item to complete your fall home decoration while creating warm ambiances. It can be placed anywhere around your home. There will be good if placed on your terrace or steps to create a welcoming look. And if you want to get a warm table setting idea, you can use the fall lantern. Therefore, it is important to provide a fall lantern in your home. And the good news, you can make your own fall lantern. This project is easy to do. Using your creativity and some basic materials, you can make a lantern for any occasion this fall.

There are many ways to make your own lantern this fall. If you’re looking for a fun and easy fall craft, you can make your own autumn leaf lanterns. You can use almost any type of leaf to make a lantern. You can even mix and match different types of leaves. Next, you can make your fall lantern from pumpkins. All you have to do is just craving the pumpkin in a unique shape. Then, place a candle inside. You can also use mason jar to make a fall lantern. To strengthen the fall vibe, you can decorate the mason jar with some fall leaves that are attached on the surface. Moreover, if you want a classic fall look, you can use a vintage lantern decorated with several small pumpkins, pinecones, berries, leaves, and another natural element. Even, DIY paper lanterns can be your options. Whether you want to enjoy the crisp autumn air with a candle or use a lantern to light a path through your yard, here are some ideas to get you started.

Candle and Pumpkin Lantern from digsdigs

Carved Pumpkin Lantern from digsdigs Blooming Lantern from digsdigs Hanging Fall Lantern  from digsdigs Vintage Fall Lantern from digsdigs DIY Maple Leaf Pillar Candle from digsdigs
Rattan Basket Lantern from digsdigs Aluminum Fall Lantern from digsdigs Morrocan Fall Lantern  from digsdigs Pumpkin Lantern Centrepieces from digsdigsPorch Pumpkin Lantern  from digsdigsOrange Pumpkin Lantern  from digsdigs

Gourd and Pumpkin Lantern  from digsdigs
Corn and Gourd Lantern  from digsdigs Candy Corn in Lantern  from digsdigs Orange Fall Candle Pillar  from digsdigs Flower and Ribbon  from digsdigs Pumpkin and Pinecone Lantern from digsdigs Maple Leaf Candle Holder from digsdigs Maple Leaf and Berries from digsdigs Fall Ornament Lantern from digsdigs Black Lantern and White Pumpkin from digsdigs
Distressed Lantern from digsdigsGold Lantern and Pumpkin from digsdigs DIY Two Lantern Centrepeices from digsdigs Lantern with Pumpkin from digsdigs Wheat Fall Lantern  from digsdigs Berries and Gourd Lantern  from digsdigs Outdoor Fall Lantern from digsdigs Faux Leaf from digsdigs Berries Fall Lantern from digsdigsPinecone and Orange Pumpkin from digsdigs
Mosaic Fall Lantern from digsdigs White Lantern and Ribbon from digsdigs VIntage Lantern from digsdigs Hanging Lantern from digsdigs Faux Pumpkin and Leaf from digsdigs
Orange Pumpkin and Candle from digsdigs
VIntage Fall Lantern from digsdigs Hanging Lantern and Maple Leaf from digsdigs Sun Flower and Ribbon from digsdigsFaux Berries and Maple Leaf from digsdigs

Red Paint Fall Lantern from digsdigs

Gourd and Berries from onekindesign Gold Pumpkin Lantern from onekindesign Mason Jar Lantern from onekindesign

Rustic Fall lantern from onekindesign

Carved Pumpkin Lantern from countryliving

Mason Jar Lantern from shelterness

Leaf Lantern fom satsumadesigns

Plastic Jack-o’-Lantern’s from housebeautiful Pumpkin Mason Jars from housebeautiful Paper Lantern Pumpkin  from housebeautiful

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