To spruce up your bedroom decor, you don’t have to install new items. Instead of buying expensive furniture, dressing up your closet doors will also work well. Furthermore, it will not cost much and give you an awesome closet doors’ appearance. It can be done by adding colors or patterns that a DIY newbie can do. In this article, we recommend you to these ideas to copy. Let us check out further below!

Cute Decals In the Doors

Personalize your closet doors by using some decals like this picture. This way will work better for kids’ bedrooms. They love decals that will beautify their room. Moreover, the decals are easily changed when they have bored. Consider choosing the timeless motifs.

Use Decoupage to Your closet Doors

Applying patchworks on the closet doors is a great idea. It looks so personal and becomes the focal interest. The decoupage will never out of date. So, you don’t have to change it periodically. You may apply it for the entire door or only one.

Add Curtain Into The Closet Doors

Curtains are not only for windows and doors, your closet doors allowed too. To create an eye-catching bedroom decoration, make sure that you apply the same curtain for windows, doors, and closet doors.

Apply Chalkboard Too

Buy formulated chalkboard paint to make more useful closet doors for younger kids. They can write and draw anything on the chalkboard. So, they will not make the walls messy. What do you think? If you have kids that love to write anywhere, tell them to do it here.

With Dry-Erase Paint

These doors will work well for teenagers’ bedrooms. They might need a space to write down algebra or other formulations. Using dry-erase paint on the closet doors will help them so much. Further, when they have memorized all, just erase.

With Painted Mural

What amazing work is this! You can do this project as well for your own closet doors. Ask a professional to get a great mural. However, you can draw the mural by your hand as well to save the budgets. These closet doors look more artistic because of the mural.

With Savvy Stencils

Customize your closet doors decor with savvy stencils. Use natural images for adults’ bedrooms to create an elegant design. Then, feel free to use cartoon or cute pets images for kid’s bedroom. We guarantee that you will love this decor.






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