If you’ve recently started thinking about decorating/redecorating your house, and first on the list is your living room, you might be feeling a little overwhelmed. Likewise, if you’ve decorated other spaces and have left this shared space for the last, you might be dreading how to tie the rest of the house design into this space. As it is meant to be the entertainment hub and most lived-in space within the house it is important to create a space that is well put together and harmonious as a whole.

Keep reading for some great tips on how to boost your living room space to a level of sophistication that will really make your guests say, “wow!”

A Bold Floor

Flooring is easily one of the most ignored interior decorations. Your floors have a massive impact on your entire living room. Tiling the floor is a great choice as there are a lot of different options available, and it offers a reasonably long and durable lifespan. You can use tiles in a simple and sophisticated way, or you can give a space that extra edge to liven it up, especially if your decor is plain.

For example, a 20s inspired geometric pattern is a sure way to make your guests gasp with amazement as they enter the space. You could also go for a classic art deco-inspired black and white alternating pattern with a patterned edge. A bold design will really make your space pop.  If you have a bigger budget, retiling the floor is a great way to give an old space a new look.

An Inviting Rug or Carpet

If you don’t have money in your budget to retile your living room, a stylish rug is an excellent alternative to make a great difference in your living room. Definitely consider a rug, or carpet if you have retiled, too. If your floor is loud, get something neutral to settle the room a bit, and if it is very plain, get something with a bit of life to liven it up.

The right rug can bring all of your furniture together, creating a cozy and warm conversation area for you. Rug comes in a wide choice for fitting different home styles as well as different sizes. Make sure your rug is the right size for your living room, and that it feels good under your feet.

Go Bold with Your Sofa Pillows

Styling your couch and chairs with pillows can really liven up space and create a more inviting atmosphere. The trick is choosing the right color schemes to draw the eye and not offend it. Play around with a mix of colors, textures, patterns, and even shapes for an aesthetically pleasing look. Rectangular designs are particularly popular right now. A few pillows are great for throwing on your couch to liven up space, or to tidy up your aesthetics. You should also decide if your pillows are purely decorative, or if they will have practical value. If your pillows will be used practically make sure that they are both comfy and inviting.


There is no doubt that lighting is the most important element of any space. They can be both a functional as well as a decorative element in your home. The right light can change the room’s entire atmosphere and the wrong one can make the space fall flat. Different lighting has different effects. Adjustable lighting, such as smart bulbs, is an excellent addition to any part of the home. Smart bulbs allow you to adjust the temperature as well as brightness, making the lighting perfect for your space and the appropriate mood.

Green Up the Living Room Area

Plants, plants, plants. People just can’t get enough of them. They bring a splash of life and can even bring healthy qualities into your home. Plants are fashionable and practical. They add to your overall aesthetic and can also add a splash of fragrance and individuality to your home.

Add Texture

There are several ways to decorate your living room walls. One of the most popular is creating a feature wall. A feature wall can be anything from a wall that is a different color to your other walls, to a wall that is entirely covered in photos or plants. The right wall decor can add texture and complexity to your living room, making it quite a conversation piece.

If you already have ideas about what you want to do, that’s great, but if you aren’t sure, make a Pinterest board and get pinning. These are just a few fun ideas to liven up your living room regardless of what your budget may be. Happy styling!

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