Storage is something really needed in our house so that everything could be arranged well. Since you will need a lot of storage, then making it yourself will be more economical. There are so many material choices for your DIY storage project, but if you don’t have enough time to do the project, then using crates is really recommended. It already has the box form so that you just need to give the finished look and set or arrange it based on space and storage design you want to have. There are two kinds of the crate that could be used for your DIY storage which will be cheap and easy to form those are the wooden crate and the plastic crate. Check out the DIY crate storage design references below based on the materials used.

Wooden Crates

Wooden crate is the most common crate used for DIY storage. Not only caused by its cheap price but also the impression that the crate has. We know that wood material is loved by people these days. The natural element that sticks to the material becomes the reason. Wood can give the decoration rustic or farmhouse style to create a warm and calming atmosphere. You can let it has its natural brown color or you can paint it to get the additional impression you want. Here are the examples.

Bathroom Racks from Homedit

Towel Racks from Homedit

Colorful Shoes Racks from Homedit

Table Console Crate from Homedit

Mudroom Storage from Homedit

Fruit & Veg Stand from Homedit

Garage Helpers from Homedit

Black Laundry Room Storage from Homedit

DIY Mini Bookcase from Homedit

Over the Sink Storage from Homedit

Rolling Book Crate from Homedit

Rolling Toy Bin from Homedit

DIY Cushions Storage from Homedit

DIY Side Table with Storage from Homedit

Under the Bed Storage from Homedit

Kitchen Island Storage from Homedit

Corner Crate Racks from Diyncrafts

DIY Crate Console Table from Diyncrafts

Green Crate Storage from Diyncrafts

Books Racks from Diyncrafts

Patterned Toy Box from Homebnc

Sliding Crate Drawers from Homebnc

Colorful Crate Bookshelf from Cutediyprojects

Red Racks from Cutediyprojects

DIY Wood Crate Bookshelf from Cutediyprojects

DIY Large Crate Bookshelf from Cutediyprojects

Crate Shoe Storage from Cutediyprojects

White Crate Book Storage from Cutediyprojects

Vertical Crate Racks from Cutediyprojects

Plastic Crates

Although the plastic crate is less popular than the wooden crate, it can be the choice for you who needs something more durable. It can’t be doubted that the plastic material could be more durable than the wood. You can even repaint it just like the wood. To hang it or to simply compile it vertically or horizontally, all are good. Simply adjust the installation based on your home space and design taste you have.

Toys Storage from Anikasdiylife

Floating Toys Storage from Hometalk

Paper Scrap Crates from Diys

Milk Crate Book Storage from Hative

Floating Book Shelves from Hative

Floating Toys Storage from Amazinginteriordesign

Bookshelves from Amazinginteriordesign

Laundry Supplies Storage from Amazinginteriordesign

Green Dolls Storage from Homedit

DIY Book Shelves from Homedit

Black and Orange Book Shelves from Guidepatterns

Colorful Book Shelves from Guidepatterns

DIY Dolls Storage from Stylemotivation

Plastic Crate Toys Storage from Hometalk

White Plastic Crate Racks from Diyncrafts

Orange Book Storage from Mydesiredhome

Black Book Racks from Mydesiredhome

DIY Plastic Crate Books Racks from Mydesiredhome

Green Book Shelves from Homehacks

Black Doll Storage from Homehacks

Wall Racks from Homehacks

DIY Plastic Crate Wall Racks from Homedit

DIY Plastic Crate Drawers from Handmadecharlotte

Home Office Storage from Mydesiredhome

DIY Dolls Storage from Mydesiredhome

DIY Book Case from Mydesiredhome

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