In fact, one of the most important rooms in a house is the kitchen. We will spend more hours bake or cook our favorite meals. Creating proper accents for the kitchen decoration will make this room looks more interesting, cozy, and fun. So, anyone who cooks will feel happy anytime. No matter what, we tend to get questioning on what accents will fit our kitchen decor. In this article, we give you DIY wall accents that work well for kitchens. Check out!

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor

DIY Embroidery Hoop Wall Decor


Seeing this hoop wall decor with embroidery flowers will remind us of the atmosphere of spring. It will be nice to put this hoop on the kitchen wall or in an empty space of the cabinet. Feel free to customize the replacement with anything you like for your own kitchen.

DIY Pebble Heart Wall Decor

Show your love to the family members by creating this awesome DIY pebble heart wall decor. It is made of a wooden based frame that will look nice for your kitchen wall. Attach some pebbles and arrange them one by one to shape like a heart. Add a heart shape made of red paper. What a cute wall decor!

Coffee Bean Art Piece

This is a pretty creative art piece for your kitchen that will improve its decoration. Take faux coffee beans or you can use the real one as well, then attach them one by one aboard. Shape them till look like a cup of coffee to remind us of the spirit of the morning.

DIY Floral Hanging

It doesn’t need more time to get this beautiful DIY floral hanging. You can make this in less than an hour. Take some faux flowers in various colors and types. Then, use glue to attach them to each other. Add a rope to hang the flower arrangement in the wall kitchen.

Wooden Slice Wall Art

Sure, this pretty wall decor will beautify your kitchen instantly. Prepare a wooden slice and draw the artistic paintings on it. Feel free to write anything on the wood slice as you like. Then, hang it on the wall by using a rope or ribbon.

DIY Hanging Wine Cork Decoration

Wine corks are versatile and easy to use. Most DIYs made of wine corks will appear sophisticated. This picture shows a cool DIY hanging wine cork that will never go out of date and work well for any kitchen style. Sure, it only needs a few materials.

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