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DIY Creative Trunks to Get Some Really Appealing Stuff for Your Home

You might see tree trunks every day. And, it might nothing to do with it for you. However, you need to pay attention to them right now. They are amazing, durable, and versatile materials for making DIY furniture and or other home accessories. Imagine having a bench, table, or chair that is made of a tree trunk. It will improve your home with natural sensations, won’t it? In this section, we are going to show DIY creative tree trunks to get appealing stuff for the home.

DIY Tree Trunk Bookshelf

Diy tree trunk bookshelf


Instead of buying a new bookshelf, it will be better for us to use an old tree trunk to make it. Why? Sure. It is because tree trunks are durable and versatile. Furthermore, you don’t have to spend a lot of money because tree trunks are ready in the surroundings. Use your imagination and basic woodworking skills to make a DIY tree trunk bookshelf soon.

DIY Wood Trunk Candle Holder

Decorating your home with wood trunks is awesome. Look at the picture that shows how pretty wood trunk pencil holders are. You are free to customize the pattern you like. You can make candle holders in your spare time. Prepare tea light candles, trunk, drill, and wood-burning tool.

DIY Wooden Stump Side Table

Tree stumps are versatile. Even, you can use the bigger ones to make side tables. Add wheels to easily bring them inside or outside. Paint or steam them to have a more natural look. It looks so stunning to add these wooden side tables to your bedroom. Furthermore, the materials are free.

Wonderful Tree Trunk Coffee Table

The table looks so great, doesn’t it? It is made of a tree trunk. Cut the tree trunk to a certain size as the coffee table should be. Then, use a hammer and chisel to attach the trunk with sanding discs. Put this coffee table in the living room. Or, you are free to put it outside. Since woods are durable, this treen trunk coffee table will look great on the porch as well.

DIY Tree Trunk Seating Set

The kids will love this seating set in their playroom. There is a tree trunk table that looks so natural. Then, two lovely toadstools complete this playroom very well. This is a little dining table for your kids. You are free to create the bigger ones for your own furniture. Building a tree trunk seating set for your dining room is more challenging. But, it will need more time as well.

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