Not all toothbrushes come with holders. And, we should buy the toothbrush holders or make them by hand. People nowadays are more creative in doing DIY projects. So, creating DIY toothbrush holders isn’t a hard project. Even, a beginner can make it in several minutes. In this section, we are going to see DIY toothbrush holders that will make the bathroom more clean and neat. And, we can find the toothbrush easily. In the morning we should brush our teeth faster to get ready for the daily routine. So, check out the ideas below!

DIY Concrete Toothbrush Holder

Diy concrete toothbrush holder


A DIY concrete toothbrush holder is easy to do. You can make this at home in minutes. Then, let it dry for several hours. This holder isn’t only for storing the toothbrush but other toilet necessities. Then, it gives an industrial feeling to the bathroom decor as well.

Wooden Toothbrush Holder DIY

What about this wooden toothbrush? For one toothbrush, this holder is enough. If you want to add more toothbrushes, just drill more holes. It is made of a thick wooden block. Feel free to customize the painting you like.

DIY Children Toothbrush Holder

All of these toothbrush holders are made of easy materials. You can use a tin can, toilet paper rolls, even, and old glass. Decorate them with flowers, stickers, or anything. So, the kids will love them. Put these holders in their bathroom and add other toys. These aren’t just functional but also decorative. The kids’ room will be more eye-catching.

PVC Pipes Toothbrush Holders

Don’t waste your PVC pipes. You can make something with them. Look at these toothbrush holders. They are made of PVC pipes. Improve their appearance by adding monograms, stickers, or other interesting things. Attach these holders to the wall.

Toothbrush Holder for Traveling

Do you want to go somewhere? You need to bring your own toothbrush. And, you will need a toothbrush holder as well. Create it using a towel with simple sewing techniques. Then, you can store more toothbrushes and or other toilet necessities. This project is simple and needs only basic sewing skills.

DIY Mason Jars Toothbrush Holder

Save your money by creating this toothbrush holder. It is made of mason jars. You don’t need to change anything. Just put on the toothbrush in the mason jar. If you wish to have a more eye-catching look, add it with stickers. Or, you can paint the mason jar with any color you like.


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