If your yard is not draining properly, then you might not have to hire a professional. In fact, there are several things you can do. With that said, here are a few top tips on how to achieve better yard drainage, all of which you can do yourself. Check on this url for more drainage tips and suggestions.

1. Setup A Rain Garden 

One of the best things you can do is setup a rain garden. This method works great if water is collected in a low spot of your property, and if you cannot use a creek bed to collect it. Rain gardens are perfect because they catch raindrops. 

Also, raid gardens can be filled up with various types of plants, such as ferns and hostas to name a few. Such plants can quickly and efficiently absorb water from areas that have been completely saturated with water. The drainage issue might not be completely solved, but raid gardens are much better to look at than having a yard that is filled with mud and moss. 

Water can be drained from your garden within 24 hours, if you have a good rain garden. As for how deep your garden should be, there are several factors. Furthermore, you will need PVC piping, plants that absorb water quickly, a level, river rock, stones for decorative purposes and a wheelbarrow, as well as a shovel. All these items will help you create a good rain garden. 

2. Dry Well 

Another effective way for yard drainage is to install a dry well, which goes right where the creek ends. Once installed, the well will collect water in the soil that surrounds it, and then the water will be dispersed. This means it does more than simply redirect water away from the property. 

Also, it is worth pointing out that there are many types of dry wells you can purchase. The size you need will depend on how much water you typically get in your yard. In general, the more of an area you must cover, the larger the well should be. Purchasing a dry well is easy, as you can find them at most home improvement stores, or you can buy them online. 

3. French Drain 

For better yard drainage, a French drain is a good option. This consists of substrate materials, or a long trench, as well as a drainage pipe. The pipe is installed near the house. Many people opt to cover the pipe up with river stone or soil, as this keeps it out of sight. 

One of the best things about French drains is they can be installed virtually anywhere, which means they are ideal for any kind of yard. French drains are also a good option for those who do not want a drainage system to be visible. As mentioned above, you simply cover it up with stones or soil. 

To create a French drain, there is several items you will need. This includes a plastic pipe, but make sure it is waterproof. Other tools you will need include a drainage cloth, shovel and a post differ. Gravel and topsoil are required to create a French drain, too. 

4. Water Schedule Can Be Reduced 

Perhaps one of the easiest and most affordable ways to fix your yard drainage issue is to reduce your watering schedule. For example, if you water your yard or garden regularly, then you might be using too much water. Water can accumulate very quickly if you over-water your garden or yard. By cutting down on how often you water your yard, your issue could be solved. 

If you have a water sprinkler, then it may have an option that allows you to set it, so it shuts on and off at shorter intervals. If you water everything yourself, the simple option is to stop doing it so often. Another tip is to keep an eye on your yard after it’s been water, as this can help you determine if your yard does have a drainage issue or if there are specific areas of the yard that has drainage issues.

5. Extend the Downspout 

Finally, you can extend your downspout. If the drainage issue is being caused by the runoff, then this is a sign that the gutter is the issue. Do not worry though because this is relatively and easy fix. Simply extend the downspout, as this should keep water away from certain areas. If you want to divert the runoff away from the property, then use a storm drain to collect the water.

Those are the top DIY methods you can try if you want to achieve better yard drainage. As for which method you should try first, this is up to you. Feel free to give them all a try. Eventually you might find that one of those methods work the best or a combo of methods is the right solution.

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