Nothing compares to outdoor entertaining, which makes the patio area the star of any home. Unfortunately, many patios lay dormant and unoptimized which is a wasted opportunity to wow your guests and enjoy each season. If your patio has been an eye-sore in your own home or has simply never entertained on a weekend, we are going to discuss how you can turn your patio into a stunning entertainment space, DIY!

Entertainment unit

The entertainment unit really holds together the patio space, and it’s where you are going to be hooking up your lights, speakers and really anything you wish to be the focal point of your home. Rather than choosing the most expensive, modern of best-looking entertainment unit for your patio – think about the material that is going to weather best for the coverage you have. This will ensure greater longevity from your patio entertainment unit and will save you from having to upgrade the central piece. If you plan to make your patio space an area for television and music, you might need to engage an electrician so they can hook up the wiring correctly. 

Tiling and paving

When you buy a home, you typically inherit the concrete floor patio that is seen everywhere. If you are not polishing your concrete, then you need to consider tiling or paving as this is going to really tidy the area and make it look like you are not just throwing a BBQ from your garage. Tiling and paving can be extremely expensive if you choose a contractor, but it is achievable to do it yourself if you prepare the floor correctly and are willing to get your hands dirty. Visit your nearest hardware store and ask what you should be using for your DIY tiling and paving. If you want to do this job affordably, you can even source recycled tiles to make for an eclectic paving design. 


As with the flooring, your patio lighting is more likely functional than ambient. This is something you will absolutely have to change before you welcome guests, as a flood-light or fluoro glow will not make the space (or your guests) look too appealing. This is a very easy fix, especially if you are just changing the light bulb globes, or even if you are choosing yo hang festoon lights for a more casual look and feel. You might need to sample a few options with the family, so be sure to test them at night! If your patio is exposed to the elements, then be sure to cover your light fixtures to protect for any electrical issues. You can do this with sturdy tape or plastic coverings, but they may not stand up to the test in storm season. 

Plants and greenery

Given that your patio is partially outside, it’s a shame to not lean into that outdoor atmosphere and introduce some plants and greenery. If you are not confident that you can maintain these plants, there are some quality fake flowers and plants that you can consider. Crawling vines can be a beautiful addition to an outdoor area, so think about buying some at a mature age so you can implement them and start winding them around your patio infrastructure. Be mindful of where the sun shines in the morning and afternoon so you are placing them in an optimal position. 


Doing anything DIY always feels sweeter than paying someone to do it for you. There is also no wrong step with a patio area, as they are usually looking a bit lackluster, to begin with. Considering the weather and choosing furniture and wood treatments that can receive rain will be a smart investment. 

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