Show your creative skill by making DIY Christmas trees. In a studio apartment, adding a real tree inside is commonly impossible. Do you live in a small dwelling? Don’t feel so worried. You still be able to celebrate Christmas Day. You can make a tiny Christmas tree with common things in your home. We have gathered the ideas for making tabletop Christmas trees in the list below. Check them out and get more inspiration to add appeal to any room of your house.

DIY Dowel Rods Christmas Tree



Living in an urban apartment might not allow you to display a Christmas tree. You can make a tiny tabletop Christmas tree. You will need a cordless drill and bits, clamps, ruler and pencil, wood glue, round wooden dowel, square wooden dowels, craps wood, and safety glasses. Check out Curbly for more details.

Easy DIY Block Christmas Tree

Decorate your kid’s room with alphabet blocks. Arrange the alphabet cubes and place them on top of each other. Measure the base correctly. The bigger it, the taller your block Christmas tree will be. Decorate it with ribbons, LED lights, stars, and other ornaments.

DIY Fishing Line Christmas Tree

Dare to make a Christmas tree for your tiny space? You will need a monofilament fishing line, round board, thick dowel, nails with heads, cotton batting, two string of 35 lights, a garland, and miniature Christmas decorations. Star by centering nails at the bottom of the board. Read more instructions here.

DIY Metal Hanger Tree

What about adding a rustic feel to your modern apartment? You can make a DIY metal hanger Christmas tree. You will need wire hangers, pipe cleaners, scissors, and poly pro mesh ribbon. Start by assembling hangers to make the tree. See further steps here and make a metal Christmas tree in your version.  

DIY Christmas tree with Plastic Spoon

You will need plastic spoons in any color you like. Arrange them one by one vertically to make a 3D geometrical structure. Use hot glue to assemble the spoon. This craft is easy. We believe anyone can finish it in less than an hour.

DIY Ombre Paper Cone Christmas Tree

It is a fun project. You can ask your kids to make this paper cone Christmas tree with your kids. Prepare two 50-packs of multi-hued green letter-sized cardstock, glue gun, and sparkly bow. Then, start to curl the cone and glue them down. You might need more than half an hour to finish this step. Assemble the cone into a cube. Add a bow.




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