Your kids supposed to have many things to organize. Therefore, you cannot be limited on how to organize your kids’ things. Check all the DIY ideas of storage solutions to keep your kids’ belonging. All ideas are collected in DIY Storage Solution To Keep Your Kids Room Organized.

Reading Material

Reading material DIY Storage Solution To Keep Your Kids Room Organized


If your kids love to read books, it is time to organize books and magazines with framed canvases. You can simply turn the canvases backward in the wall, mount them, and wrap large elastic bands around to hold items inside

Climbing The Walls

Climbing the walls DIY Storage Solution To Keep Your Kids Room Organized


Your walls are exactly providing lots of unused storage space  Therefore, here you can turn display shelves into open storage by adding hooks or decorative knobs below the shelf. Then, add additional rows of hooks or knobs on the boards below to create a built-in unit.

Double Duty

Look at this reading bench that has two functions, like storage space and reading bench. To make it a more comfortable reading space, you can add pillows and a bench cushion. Then, you can store books in bins underneath for easy access and organization. Last, do not forget to beauty the empty wall with an art display.

Trundle Trick

This trundle trick is a result of crafting a simple shallow box from wood or a spare drawer. Then, you can attach casters to the bottom for easy movement. Do not forget to have fun painting to the unit for space-matching. And add a pull or knob to make your kids easier to grab their toys. It is an easy under-bed storage cart for grab-and-go access.

Accessory Division

It is an accessory division by searching for fabric bins with dividers. On the other hand, you can also create this one with cardboard to keep your toys and their small accessories organized. You can use the tall, narrow canister to store accessories. Besides, you can use the larger sections for larger toys.  Last, you can label the containers, so kids will easily stick to the system.

Repurposed Coffee Table

Take your old coffee table and use it as a crafts table in your kids’ playroom. It will offer you refresh vintage tables with built-in shelves to store bins of craft supplies. Moreover, by presenting cozy kid-sized chairs, it slides up to the edges for a crafting area.

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