Decorating every part of the house this spring is such a great thing. You can make your home more alive with a fresh and colorful spring decor. One part of the house that you can give a touch of spring is your windows. Imagine your window will look beautiful and colorful both from the inside and outside. Isn’t that a beautiful sight? In this case, you don’t need to spend much budget to decorate your window. You can use your creativity to make DIY spring ideas. A beautiful window garland is a great way to bring spring into your home. It can be made with tulips, colorful paper, and decorative eggs. Adding a bow of colorful ribbon can also help the garland look festive. Moreover, if you want to add more natural decorations, you can also use natural materials. You can create a wreath from twigs and flowers. Utilizing pom poms and colorful spring paper crafts to decorate a window is a great idea. You can use string to arrange them and then hang them on your window. Using stickers can be the next options. In this case, choose the stickers that are identical to the spring season. Such as flowers, birds, butterfly, dragonfly, and more. If you’re looking for a unique spring window decoration, try one of these easy DIY spring ideas for your windows.

Filled with adorable flowers, this hand crochet is the perfect accessory for your spring window decor. Opting for intricate patterns and fresh colors, these spring curtains add a kinetic feature to your décor. The hanging team on the window is also able to provide a beautiful room design and will steal the attention of every guest who comes. Knitted textures go well with modern rustic or mid-century decor styles. Green and White Crochet Flower from homebnc.

These dried orange wreaths can be enjoyed any time of the year. Bright orange pops are a great way to add some touch to a kitchen window this spring. Hanging in front of a window, you will create a stunning suncatcher effect. Completing this project is the perfect activity to prepare spring decorations for your home. Paired with white window trim it will give a clean and bright look. Dried Oranges Garland from homebnc.

Easter decorations by mixing pastel eggs with this favorite ingredient make a beautiful and attractive window decoration. Making your own Easter eggs is a great idea for you to try and will hone your creative skills. Placing it on the terrace of the house and combining it with metal bucket accents, antique wood pieces, and burlap will never fail. DIY Hanging Large Eggs Window from homebnc.

Let your creativity shine with these easy window treatment ideas. These colorful pompoms, ribbons and yarn come together to create a curtain full of fun color and texture. Making your own by tying a pompom to a piece of string and ribbon makes a beautiful and attractive window decoration. Combined with the colorful concrete pots at the bottom of the window, this gives a beautiful and fresh design. Colorful Pom Pom Spring Curtains  from homebnc.

Take advantage of some green twigs and leaves that you can make DIY wreaths for decorating window springs in your home. In addition to sophistication, this wreath adds a fresh and natural feel to a room. Adding a few butterflies attached to this weath can help add a unique and distinctive look to this spring. With its simple design, this wreath can add a natural touch to your spring decor. DIY Spring Butterfly Wreath from thesprucecrafts.

This fun spring decoration, looks classy and elegant. This wicker basket filled with a few eggs, blooming flowers, and sparrows is an easy way to give your home a fun atmosphere. Placing this near a window will make a beautiful decoration that won’t cost a lot of money and will boost your creativity if you make it yourself. With various tones of green, red and yellow this will look great in any room. Wicker Basket Spring Deor from mydesiredhome.

To decorate spring the way you want, you need to make something different than before. Using a towel rack as a decoration base, you can add a bouquet of botanical flowers around the shelf for an instant spring burst. Choosing decorations like this will be easy to maintain so it doesn’t cost a lot. This is one of the best spring window decorating ideas if guests are going to visit. Artificial Flower Towel Rack  from homebnc.

You can add a wire suncatcher that will complete this spring window decoration. This suncatcher offers an exciting opportunity to create some unique lighting effects. Sunlight shines from the wrapped wire and refracts through the green crystal. You can also add pink crystals to offer some variety to this decor. In addition to capturing sunlight, this suncatcher can be useful for giving beauty to your room. Wire-Wrapped Branch Suncatcher  from homebnc.

Applying some lively greenery using this globe terrarium to house artificial succulents, fake flowers, or even botanical-based potpourri will create a different and eye-catching window display. Its cool, smooth texture and transparent nature, glass is an excellent texture to incorporate into any decorating style. Hang them on the window so you can enjoy the sunlight glistening through the glass ball. Hanging Glass Globe Terrariums from homebnc.

One of the best spring window decorations, this sticker set looks beautiful on any window. Choose birds that are displayed in a watercolor style, they appear softer and more romantic. For full spring splendor, you can add branches adorned with dainty pink flowers. If you have young children, sticking a songbird sticker might be a fun spring tradition for you to try. These six birds are a charming touch in any empty window. Bird & Branch Window Stickers from homebnc.

Spring is the perfect time for flowers to bloom. Applying it to this series of window corners reflects that. You can make it from a mixture of dried plants and silk flowers, it will last all season and requires no maintenance. To stay sophisticated, avoid muted colors to make the room bright and fresh. Choose this wreath for a gorgeous window decoration idea that will steal the attention of every guest. Floral Garland Corner from homebnc.

Applying a lot of dragonfly window stickers, you can decorate one large window completely to vibrate the spring in your home. Attaching it to the door also has practical uses, as it helps prevent birds from colliding with your windows or glass doors. You can choose dragonflies in soft colors in a watercolor style to create a unique and inviting window design. On this window decoration the dragonfly sticker really dazzles as the light shines on its wings. Dragonfly Window Spring from homebnc.

You can add cherry branches to this beautiful spring window decoration for spring refreshment. Soothing pink tones blend perfectly with warm browns to give your space an inviting spring vibe. Adding pink flowers will also give you a little freedom in choosing this window decoration. The design is simple but looks more attractive and will become the focal point of a stylish room. Cherry Branch Window from homebnc.

The stained glass suncatchers in these window panes turn sunlight into a beautiful pool of color. This angular suncatcher utilizes holographic crystals to turn direct sunlight into a dramatic rainbow. Making it yourself will also not take up a lot of budget and will increase your creativity. These window stickers are an interesting way to frame the corners of your window springs. Rainbows Crystal Corner Suncatcher from homebnc.

Garland buuny on the windows of your house will add color to the room and will brighten up the spring in your home. You can choose rainbow colored paper which will give a unique look and make your room brighter. Make your own by cutting a bunny shape and sticking it on the windows of this house to give it the perfect look. Combined with modern white trim also does not look boring. Bunny Garland Windows from woohome.

These spring window decorations have different designs for your home decor. So that it will display a beautiful room decoration and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Attach colorful stickers, sparrow shapes and branches using glue, making the room design unique. Choosing these decorations will enliven spring in your home and will also welcome guests with a festive and stylish feeling. Sparrow and Branches Windows from woohome.

To make simple window decorations, you can use some old tin cans to make hanging planters. Repainting them in pastel colors and filling them with some low-maintenance flowers is the perfect DIY decorating idea for you to try on your window decor this spring. Hanging cans using string will create a beautiful window decoration and a spring mood throughout the room. Hanging Tin Can Planters from woohome.

A cone-shaped paper garland that hangs on the window of this house will give a unique room decoration and give the impression of a cheerful room. They are easy to make simply using green paper in the shape of a cone and tied with string will add to the design of the perfect room. Adding some colorful little ornaments at the bottom of this window will add coolness to your whole room Hanging Paper Cones from woohome.

This mason jar filled with blooming flowers hanging on a wire on the windowsill will add a touch of spring to your kitchen window décor. Picking out this decor is easy for you to make and will cheer up springtime throughout the kitchen. You can choose a blue mason jar and purple flowers in bloom for a fresh and natural-looking decor. This DIY idea will be a beautiful decoration and steal the attention of every guest who comes. Hanging Mason Jar from woohome.

Adding a touch of spring to this window decor will make your spring home decor more interesting and give the illusion of a cheerful room. Here comes an easy spring decoration that you can do. You can use pompoms and colorful ropes that you can hang on the windows of this house. Combined with the original wood window trim it gives the perfect room design. Pom Pom Curtain from woohome.

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