Having a neat and organized kitchen is a must. Since the kitchen is an important space, either is small or large, make sure this space is organized well. Especially, a small kitchen force you to deal with a limited space. In fact, usually there will save a lot of stuff in your kitchen. So that you need to organize your small kitchen properly. If you’re short on storage space, you should consider some DIY space-saving projects for your kitchen. It can be a solution if you have too much stuff and tight budget. Thus, you might consider DIY space-saving projects in your small kitchen.

There are some DIY space-saving projects for your kitchen. The simple way is installing a floating shelf. Floating shelves are a fantastic way to save space and create a beautiful focal point in your kitchen. Not only do they add style and charm to any space, but they can also be made from inexpensive materials and are easy to construct. Another DIY space-saving project is by using command hooks. Command products are also great for storing small kitchen items, such as measuring cups and spoons, cutting boards, and pans. Moreover, putting up pegboards above your cabinets can provide you with a useful place to hang pots and pans, or utensils. Pegboards are flexible storage options that allow you to change their size to meet your needs. And they’re a great way to add more shelves without breaking the bank. Installing a rod at the end of your cabinet can also be a great space-saving storage idea. For more details, take a look at these ideas below.

Organize Cutting Boards  from architectureartdesigns

Retractable Drawers from architectureartdesigns

Vertical Storage from architectureartdesigns

Cooking Utensils  from architectureartdesigns

Retractable Rack from architectureartdesigns

Retractable Cabinet from architectureartdesigns

Organize Spices from architectureartdesigns

Pegboard Utensils Storage from architectureartdesigns

Cups Storage from architectureartdesigns

  Tin Cans Utensils Storagefrom architectureartdesigns

 Pegboard Rack from architectureartdesigns

Floating Shelf Pan Rack from architectureartdesigns

DIY Pull Out Rack from architectureartdesigns

Space Rack Pull Out Storage from architectureartdesigns

Wooden Crate Storage from architectureartdesigns

Kitchen Island Storage  from architectureartdesigns

Pull Out Storage from architectureartdesigns

DIY Cabinet Doors from architectureartdesigns

 Door Lids Storage from architectureartdesigns

Wire Basket Storage  from apartmenttherapy

Built in Kitchen Island from apartmenttherapy

DIY Spoon Door Storage from apartmenttherapy

Industrial Rack from apartmenttherapy

Wicker Basket Kitchen Island from apartmenttherapy

White Shelf and Rod from apartmenttherapy

Green Pegboard Kitchen Storage from apartmenttherapy

Shelf above Sink  from diyjoy

DIY Produce Rack  from diyjoy

DIY Stainless Kitchen Cart from diyjoy

Towel Bars Organize Pots And Pans  from diyjoy

Hanging Spons Storage  from diyjoy

DIY Spice Racks from diyjoy

Hanging Ladder Pot Rack from diyjoy

DIY Pegboards In The Kitchen from diyjoy

DIY Rustic Knives Wall Rack from diyjoy

Hang Pots And Pans  from diyjoy

DIY Chair from homebnc

Glass Shelf from homebnc

Pull Out Table and Chair from wonderfulengineering

DIY Rod Stainles Stell  from wonderfulengineering

Drawer Dividers  from wonderfulengineering

Pull Out Pantry  from wonderfulengineering

Built-in Rod Storage from wonderfulengineering

Pull Out Kitchen Island from wonderfulengineering

Wooden Dividers from wonderfulengineering

DIY Stainless Stell Rack from wonderfulengineering

Pull Out Drawer from loveproperty

Rod Pan Storage from woohome

DIY Floating Shelves from woohome

DIY Hanging Storage from woohome

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