Are you going to go somewhere? Which bag will complete your style today? So, what about a handbag? It looks simple and easy to carry. Furthermore, handbags are cool. It can store your cellphone, keys, purse, or anything. Instead of buying a new handbag, why don’t you make the DIY bag by hand with cheap materials? Show your DIY talents. Creating a DIY handbag will not need many hours. Even, some of them can be finished in minutes. Let’s check out our list below!

DIY Wicker Purse from Placemat

Diy wicker purse from placemat


A placemat can be turned into a pretty purse like this. Can you believe it? We are sure, you can make it so. Take a placemat, better to use the bright colored one, and fold it into a purse shape. Stack it with pins or magnetic snaps or sew-on snaps. Finish it with a chain strap or other straps you like for your new purse.

Hand-Painted Shopping Bags

Never use plastic bags. Try to change our habits by using hand-painted shopping bags from now on. It will save our world. If you and your mother try to use fabric bags, we will forget about plastic bags. Make this awesome craft with your mom, sister, or others. Going shopping with this bag is a great idea.

DIY Fall Flannel Tote Bag

Isn’t so cool? Make this fall flannel tote bag soon! Wearing this bag in fall will make you chic. You will need flannel fabric, black leather, and sewing tools. Browse the pattern and follow the instructions to make a cool flannel tote bag like this. It will need several minutes or even more than an hour, but the result is awesome.

DIY Leather Envelope Clutch

Are you interested in something made of leather? We have a great option for you. It is a DIY leather envelope clutch that will make you look chic. In summer, wearing this handbag will improve your style. Just cut out the leather into a rectangle. Then, shape it like an envelope. Finish it with a chain strap.

DIY Boho Carpet Handbag

Bohemian styles are versatile and timeless. No matter what the season is, a boho bag will never go out of date. Even, you can wear this for the next few years. Creating this handbag is super cheap. Just buy a cheap rug from the store. Then, change it to be a great handbag like this. Sure, you need to have at least basic sewing skills.

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