Are you ready to welcome the fall season? If so, let’s prepare some decorations that are synonymous with the fall season. In addition, to use some fall colors, don’t forget to present some fall ornaments. The ornament will represent and strengthen the fall vibes in your home, both interior and exterior. One of the fall ornaments that should be present and should not be forgotten is the pumpkin. This is an ornament that is identical to the fall season. Therefore, you should present it in your home, both real pumpkin and faux ones. If you prefer to use faux pumpkins, you can make them from different materials. With DIY ideas, you can make it happen.

Whether you’re decorating your home for fall or just want a little DIY whimsy, there are many different kinds of DIY pumpkins. Use wood pallets to make a trio of DIY pumpkins for your fall decor. These decorative pumpkins make a fantastic patio display and will last for years. To save even more money, you can make the pallets yourself and experiment with different finishes and wood types. Another way, you can make a canning ring pumpkin for fall decorations. It is a great way to add spice to your fall decor. This craft is simple, frugal, and a great way to reuse canning lids. For other ideas, you can make a mason jar pumpkin, soft-crafted pumpkin, copper pumpkin, wine cork pumpkin, paper pumpkin, pom pom pumpkin, fabric pumpkin, sweater pumpkin, and more. These are just a few ideas you may want to try. Furthermore, take a look at listed below.

White Wooden Pumpkin  from diyncrafts

Old Book Page Pumpkin  from diyncrafts

Paper Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Dryer Vent Pumpkin Craft from diyncrafts

Fabric Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Tartan Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Plate Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Button Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Yarn Pumpkin Garland  from diyncrafts

Glass Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Teracotta Potted Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Bulb Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Paper Acrodion Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Branch Pumpkin  from diyncrafts

Jar Lid Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Wooden Slice Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Rope Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Pumpkin Container from diyncrafts

Paper Pumpkin Craft from diyncrafts

Maps Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Jar Lid Farmhouse Pumpkin  from diyncrafts

DIY Wood Pallet Pumpkin Craft  from diyncrafts

Wood Slice Chalkboard from diyncrafts

Velvet Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Orange Wooden Pallet Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Dollar Store Splatter Screen Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Shaby Chic Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Wooden Pumpkin Patch from diyncrafts

Farmhouse Pumpkin Door Hanger from diyncrafts

Mickey Mouse Pumpkin Wreath from diyncrafts

Miniature Pumpkin Ornament from diyncrafts

Rustic Fabric Pumpkins from diyncrafts

Tissue Paper Pumpkin Craft from diyncrafts

Thumbtack Pumpkin Dollar Store Craft from diyncrafts

Metal Pumpkin Decoration from diyncrafts

DIY Glitter Pumpkins from diyncrafts

Mason Jar Pumpkin Lantern from diyncrafts

Wooden Open Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Sweater Pumpkins from diyncrafts

Paint Leaf Pumpkin from diyncrafts

Horseshoe Pumpkin Decoration from diyncrafts

No Sew Fabric Pumpkins from diyncrafts

Rustic Button Pumpkin Craft from diyncrafts

Twine Wrapped Pumpkin Mason Jar from diyncrafts

Concrete Pumpkin from diyncrafts

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