This page will show the best solution of a problem where you want to display a decorative pumpkin this Halloween but you are lack carving skills and patience on the carving process. Here are the Festive DIY No-Carve Pumpkins Ideas That Are Easy To Copy For This Halloween.

Disney Frozen Elsa Pumpkin Idea

It is a pretty idea to go with a Disney Frozen Elsa Pumpkin to decorate your Halloween. Since most of the daughters in this world are obsessed with Disney’s Frozen movie. Your home will feel like a castle that has a princess to share happiness. The supplies you need to create this idea are faux white pumpkin, glitter blast spray paint, recollections adhesive rhinestones, recollections adhesive bling on a roll, snowflake stickers, and Frozen Tiara. Put your creation on a sliced wood will make it so stunning.

Fall Foliage Pumpkin

When Halloween comes almost with fall, then it is always nice to accompany your Halloween with fall decoration as fall foliage pumpkin. You may gather leaves from your yarn and trace them onto colorful tissue paper. After that use mod-podge to adhere to your white pumpkin.

Spa Pumpkin

Spa pumpkin Festive DIY No-Carve Pumpkins Ideas That Are Easy To Copy For This Halloween


Have you ever imagined that pumpkins can use a little me-time? It is so funny to think about that, right?Β  Meanwhile, a little me time pumpkin is here in your Halloween with a spa session. You can do this extra funny idea either in a real or faux pumpkin. Besides, do not forget to leave spaces for the nose and mouth. After that, let it dry completely then you can stretch a decorative shower cap onto the pumpkin’s head and pin in place with straight pins you have. Do you see the cucumber eyes there? You can just print cucumber images from online and glue them on.

Floral Moon Pumpkin

This floral moon pumpkin is a fancy idea with the beauty of florals that can turn a spooky decoration into a piece you want to display all year. The supplies are a craft pumpkin, a drill, paper, scissors, pencil, and fresh flowers. You will not cut the pumpkin in a moon shape while you will draw and cut out a moon shape put of paper.

Fringe Pumpkin Face

Do you think that this would be the hardest idea of pumpkin to create on this page? The answer is no. this monster is even easier to create. You may wrap and glue fringe around the stem of a pumpkin. After that, add 2 to 3 layers until it looks full and nice. You can use hot glue, then attach the eyes onto the fringe. Moreover, you can add personality with cut paper eyelids and teeth. It is perfect to accompany your Halloween season.

Mummy Pumpkin

This idea is scary yet entertaining for Halloween. You will need to cut the cheesecloth into 3-inch strips. After that, put a dot of hot glue to start and wrap the pumpkin with the cheesecloth strips you made before. Then, glue down the strips and ensure they stay in place. Do not forget to attach two eyes to the face to make it likes alive and cut out a smallmouth from paper and glue under some of the cloth.

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