A living room of a house is probably become the most used space of all. Thus, the living room becomes one of the best spaces to show your project result that is so useful. Check the ideas below, now.

DIY Scallop Painted Basket Planter

Diy scallop painted basket planter Stylish Comfortable DIY Project For Your Entertaining Living Room


Do you have a plan to add extra texture to your living space? This basket planter is the best way to go. It will add texture, refreshing the air in a beautiful way. The supplies you need are a woven basket, craft paint, paintbrush, plastic lid, and painter’s tape.

DIY Sofa

Diy sofa Stylish Comfortable DIY Project For Your Entertaining Living Room


Have you ever imagined creating a living room sofa independently? Here is the idea. You can create a sofa by yourself. After that, the materials you need are plywood one in 1,5m x 70cm, plywood two in 1,5m x 40cm, softwood timber, dowel, miniature dowel plugs, wood screws, electric drill, jigsaw, and sandpaper.

DIY Pineapple Pendant Light

By hanging some pineapple pendants, you will add some tropical flair to your living space. The supplies you need to create this tropical pendant light ate leather, socket, light bulb, a pair of scissors, and glue. It is an exotic statement project that is a perfect way to make your modern accent lamp, your own personal handmade masterpiece.

DIY Ombre Stump Side Table

This idea will inspire you how to bring the outdoors in. It is a tree stump side table painted with an ombre finish. It is a free idea where you cab nearly get this for free because it uses a tree stump. The complete materials are wooden stump, sandpaper, spray polyurethane in a matte finish, scrub brush, and gold spray paint.

DIY Modern Coffee Table

It is time for you to add furniture legs as a new piece of furniture for your home. The supplies you need are a round tabletop, grit sandpaper, soap, water, white spray paint, scissors, string/yarn, permanent marker, pencil, ruler, electric drill, 3 unfinished white pine danish table legs, and tree angle top plates plus screws

DIY Crocheted Foot Rest

A crochet footrest is perfect to put your feet up after a long day of work. Besides, this footrest is good to be put in your living room, reading nook, or bedroom. The materials you need are muslin fabric for a large cushion, matching thread, sewing machine, hand sewing needle, scissors, foam shreds, yarn, crochet hook to obtain gauge, and yarn needle.

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