What will your kids do the next summer? If they love to play inside, why don’t you decorate a playroom and make a play tent for them? This is a great way to save money rather than buy a tent in the store. Furthermore, you can customize the size, color, and add anything to make it more eye-catching. Your kids will love to play in the tent any time. Let us see our DIY play tent ideas below to inspire you!

DIY Viking Play Tent in Your Backyard



This play tent is actually made of pine boards that you can find easily. To get a cool appearance like this picture, you will need several hours. No need for sewing ability because there is no we project at all. Complete the tent with a tiny rug, pillows, and others.

Patchwork Tent For Kids

This fun play tent is made of some bandanas that are sewn in one. Then, you will need PVC pipes to support this tent. See how beautiful this tent to build in your yard. Add anything to make it more interesting like some balloons, ribbons, and etc.

DIY Floral Play Tent

This simple play tent will not take more hours to do. However, you need to prepare some materials like a folar fabric, dowels, and molding. Make the A-frame firstly and paint it in any color you love. After that, add the floral fabric. Feel free to install more things like a blanket, pillows, and others.

Hula Hoop Play Tent

Having this tent for your kids might look like a blessing. Sure, you can make it by hand. However, it will need sewing skills to get an awesome tent like this. You have to prepare a hula hoop for the upper part. Then, add the fabric that has been sewn before.

DIY Canvas Play Tent

If your kids want to have and adventurous activities outside of your house, this play tent might what they need. This play tent is made of canvas and long branches. The creator adds string lights to get it brighter at night. Even adults can play in this tent as well.

DIY Cute Tent For Kids

What a cute tent is this! Your kids will love the tent frame and fabric as well. You can find the materials in the nearest store. However, you may need several hours to build the frame and attach the fabric. Then, you will see a cute and fun tent like this picture. Have a great day!

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