If you have an old book and you want to throw it away, then stop don’t do it or you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. Instead of throwing the old book away, why don’t you turn it into a cute little paper flower?

And if you think this will take your time and take a lot of effort, then you’re 100% wrong, because this DIY paper flower craft is so easy that almost anyone can do it in just a couple of minutes.

All you need is a bit of sewing the pages and cutting some of the pages, and without you knowing, the lovely and cute paper flower is already exists in front of you.

If you don’t have an old paper book, then you don’t need to cry, because you can use another type of paper, you can use magazine paper, cardstock, newspaper, greeting cards, wrapping paper, and many more. If you already have your own theme in your house with your own color ideas, then don’t worry because you can simply paint the paper flower. You can use your favorite color and combine them with another color to make the flower look cuter.

You can also use them in many ways, you can use the paper flower as table scatter. You can put them in a gift box to replace for a bow. Or, you can also glue them in picture frames or put them in your gift bag.

What Did You Need?

You need Silver beads, thread, scissors, needles, Craft Glue, Old book pages or you can choose your own pages.

How To Do?

Get pages, cut them into half paper, fold again in one corner down to make a large triangle, then cut off the excess page.

Cute DIY Paper Flower That You Can Make In The Blink Of An Eye


Fold the large triangle into two, get one page and fold it again for a second time, then use the other one page and fold it for the third time.

Cut off the edge of the triangle, thread a needle, and start running the thread and needle to tie the petals. And for the final touch, glue the bead on the middle of the flower to make it look beautiful.



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