Papers are easy and versatile materials to make any Diy project. As long as you have plenty of ideas, papers will help you to get the crafts you want. Paper flowers are the most common projects that anyone can make in less than an hour. Even if you are a DIY newbie, paper flower crafts are doable. In this article, we are going to show you our collection of paper flower crafts that will inspire you. Check them out further below and decide which one will work for your room.

DIY Easy Paper Dogwood Flowers

Diy easy paper dogwood flowers


Your mother will love this paper flower for her room. It has white petals and branches that look like a real flower. Furthermore, this dogwood flower works well for fall decoration. You are free to customize the petal color as you like.

DIY Bright Paper Flower in A Pot

A faux flower will be fit any room style. It has a pretty shape with bright paper and a little button. The branch looks natural with green color. See the pot that actually a cubicle. Feel free to try other colors like orange, pink, or yellow.

Beautiful Pops Of Flower

A flower with beautiful petals will add an aesthetic look to your desk decoration. This picture shows us that gold vases work well with any paper flowers with different colors. Put one of them on your office desk and see how it will change your workspace atmosphere.

Baking Cup Lily

If you have plenty of baking cups in the storage, why don’t use them to make beautiful Lily? See the lilies that look elegant in a vase in this picture. Put them in the living room light become a great idea. This simple DIY craft works well for any season decoration as well.

DIY Paper Calla Lilies

Calla lilies are pretty and interesting for any room style. Furthermore, it will not hard to make a DIY paper calla lily. Even, you will only spend several minutes getting beautiful call lilies for your home decoration. This is a super easy and affordable paper flower ever.

Cute Paper Flowers On the Wall

It seems like nothing difficult to do to make these cute paper flowers. Attach them on the wall with your own style. Customize the colors and sizes as you need. This project is easy to do and will not spend a lot of money. Even, a DIY newbie and teen can make these paper flowers in less than an hour.

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