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20 Easy DIY Paint Projects to Try This Weekend

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DIY project comes in various ideas and ways. Start from crafty things to an easy thing. To fill your weekend, you can do some DIY projects. However, if you are not a crafty person, an easy DIY project is suitable to your personality. One of DIY ideas that you can try this weekend is DIY paint projects. A DIY paint project can make your home look newer and more inviting. This is a great way to get creative with your home while saving your money. There are some DIY paint projects you can do. For example, if you have some extra spray paint, you can spray-paint a terracotta flower pot or vase. If you find your table lamp looking boring, you can give it a new color by painting it. Painting your front door is a great weekend project that adds instant appeal to your home. You can add color and pattern to your walls or decorate your furniture with a new coat of paint. You can even use paint to update the hardware on your doors and doorknobs. Moreover, you can get creative with your floor. You can paint your floor and add pattern touches. We still have more ideas below. If you want to try something new on your own, here are some easy DIY paint projects that you can do this weekend.

Add sparkle to the back of a plain chair. This decoration will produce a beautiful room design and will steal the attention of many people. This metallic gold painting will give the chair an elegant and luxurious appearance. This decoration will produce a beautiful Scandinavian style and will steal the eyes of every guest who comes. Combined with this gold-colored wallpaper will also provide a perfect contrast to the room. Spray Painted Chair from bhg.

This pattern of dotted lines, dots, and zigzags adds a pretty look and catches everyone’s attention. You can make your own by using paint on your brush each time, at the top, and working across and down the walls. Combined with this navy wall scheme, it will create a warm and calm room design. This leather sofa complete with several pillows and green plants in a large pot is able to provide a comfortable and beautiful look. Patterned Accent Wall from bhg.

For indoor plant designs, you can paint colors according to your heart. Making them yourself will create a beautiful look and will enhance your creativity. Use tape to mark an even line around the bottom of the pot and apply metallic paint in one direction using a foam brush. Finally, you can wait for the pot to dry to display in your home. DIY Painted Pot from bhg.

Use a simple stencil pattern to give this cabinet a different look. Making it yourself will increase your creativity and will give it a beautiful look. You can paint the door any background color you want, then you can glue a star-shaped stencil on the door. Combined with this gold color handle, it will give an attractive appearance and steal attention. Painted Cabinet Makeover from bhg.

DIY Painting this napkin will create a unique fabric pattern. Paint cheesecloth blue with water to a watercolor consistency, then sweep it over the napkin, covering all the corn syrup. This is a simple way to create a beautiful and attractive room decor. Combined with a blue place mat, it will display a beautiful table contrast and will steal the eyes of everyone who comes to the house. Napkin Paint Project from bhg.

This home design that uses three blue paint colors will display a fresher and more attractive room. Start by painting the walls a different color to create an interesting look. You can paint a light color on the top of the wall for a beautiful and interesting decorating idea. This dark open shelf will also make the room design charming and have a matching color scheme. Wall Painting Ideas from bhg.

This yellow paint project will create a beautiful look for your home interior. Choosing this design is a simple weekend project that delivers. The use of yellow on this door will look striking when combined with navy walls and white trim. Some of these green plants in white pots will also produce a beautiful room design and give a fresh impression to the entire room. Dark wood floors will also create a warm look for the entire room. Painted Front Door from bhg.

To form a chalkboard paint wall calendar, use a tape measure, ruler, level, and chalk marker to mark the grid on your wall. By painting this ombre blue color, it will produce a beautiful appearance and will steal the attention of many people. You can place this DIY decoration idea in your home office to create an attractive and charming appearance. Painted Chalkboard Calendar from bhg.

To create a fresh look in this bathroom, you can add splashes of gold painting for a pretty wall. Choosing a white background combined with a splash of gold can give the impression of elegance and luxury. This simple decoration idea is also able to give the room a charming appearance when combined with gold mirror fragments and a floating table it will create a charming design. Painted Wallpaper from bhg.

Your next paint project can change your staircase with a fresher and more attractive look. Have fun with your stairs and paint the stairs in a fun color. Painting stairs in different colors will attract everyone to this house. This simple design is able to give a different look in every corner of the house and will surprise your child with your handiwork. Painted Staircase from bhg.

Use this paint project idea with a fresh style that will change the appearance of your coffee table to look more attractive. Choosing a bright color paint and sanding will result in a beautiful coffee table design that will steal the show. This simple design will give a different look and can also be the perfect focal point of the room. Complete this table design with several stacks of books and vases from the globe to be a table attraction. Distressed Paint Table from bhg.

Create your own nature-inspired wall art with this paint project idea. The painting technique by placing silk flowers and greenery on paper and spray painting on it will produce a unique design and be able to steal the attention of many people. Then you can frame this wall hanging for a stunning finish. Pairing it with beige walls will give the room the perfect contrast. Botanical Art Paint from bhg.

Dress up a wooden table with a stenciled tablecloth. A simple geometric design is easy to stencil and gives a fresh look. This is a simple way to decorate a different coffee table every year. This simple design will catch everyone’s attention. Complete the look with some pink flowers in a vase to create a beautiful design and beautify this living room. Stenciled Table from bhg.

Sprucing up lamps with spray paint is a simple way to decorate a beautiful room. You can make your own by adding gold and turquoise to the lights to create a beautiful and elegant home look. This simple design is able to bring out a different style on each side of this house. Putting it on the table and adding a dog statue and flowers blooming in a vase will make the room design perfect. Painted Lamp from bhg.

This DIY wall décor with paint splatters features a beautiful painting that catches the eye. Using a white canvas you can start this ornament decorating idea. Place a large stretched canvas over the washcloth. Drizzle, drizzle, and splash until you get a design you like. You can choose blue and gold for a beautiful and charming ornament. DIY Splatter Paint Art from bhg.

Decorate a plain white glass vase with a custom paint design. Applying light colored paint to this vase will make your home decor beautiful and steal the show. Freehand design paint on each vase using this acrylic brush will emit a beautiful and charming design. Place this flower vase on the living room table to welcome your guests with a festive feeling. Painted Vases from bhg.

This unique table lamp design uses a white oil paint marker to make your sketch a highlight. Drawings of simple spirals and interlocking paisley or floral patterns for this intricate look are an interesting way to decorate this home. Start at the top and work your way down for best results. This is the best way to design an interesting room for you to try. Paint Table Lamp from bhg.

The idea of decorating the kitchen floor by adding a pattern by painting it will make the design of the room attractive and steal attention. Opting for this simple pattern adds to the look of the tile without the expense of tearing up and replacing the floor. Making it yourself will increase creativity while providing a low budget room design. It can also work well on walls or other surfaces. Painted Kitchen Floor from bhg.

Give a soft touch to the ornament with a wash of color. This technique uses light paint to apply color to a soft finish. You can try this home wall art idea to produce a beautiful and eye-catching room design. In addition, you can also paint the console table with the same color to give a unique contrast to the room. Paint Wall Art from bhg

To create a unique room look, you can try DIY paint in your home. This is easy for you to try, just paint pink on the mirror frame to produce an attractive room design. You can paint three mirror frames at once to create a more striking look. Putting it on the table and combined with a pink flower arrangement in this vase will produce a beautiful design and steal attention. Pink Painted Mirror Frames from bhg

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