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DIY No-Sew Curtain Ideas To Add More Privacy At Home

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Curtains are a simple, yet distinctive way to frame your room. That is why, every window should have it. And plus, there are so many options that you can choose that suits the overall theme of the space. But if you want a unique one, make your own! Here we’ve collected some DIY curtain ideas that no sew needed.

You can easily use tablecloths as sheer curtains. just hang them up with ring clips

Turn your standard curtains into blackout curtains by attaching liner to them with hemming tape

Once you find fabric with a colorful print, all you need is an iron and adhesive tape to make these no-sew curtains

Install your curtain rod and clip the top of your curtain panels to the clip rings. that’s it!

If you want to add some flair to your plain curtains, try ironing on a pom pom trim to the hems

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Simply attach curtain ring clips to the corners of the napkins (as an eclectic options) and hang on a curtain rod

An easy way to make cafe curtains for your kitchen is to cut down a pair of long drapes you already own and iron-on bonding tape to tackle it

All you need to get started is a curtain rod, a sheet of fabric and some rope or ribbon

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A valance is even easier to make. fasten one side of the fabric to the rod or wood then add a ribbon

Just pick your fave fabric and then use a hem tape around it. use drape clips and you’re done

Another simple valance that involves only attaching it to the rod and tying it

Just hang towels on the rod as if you are just letting them dry

Pretty curtains with pom poms around it. well, i think you know how to make one like this

Curtain Roman shade which is achieved merely by putting two tension rods

It’s just a Styrofoam covered with fabric. you can do it with cardboard too

Less effort is indeed for a valance like this. simply get some scrap fabric and tie it on a rod

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This DIY no-sew burlap curtain is definitely steal everyone’s attention

These curtains are made from shawls. the fringe on one end has been cut away and decorative trim was hot-glued along the raw edge

Take plain curtain panels and dress them up with a beautiful stencil

Lay the panels flat and use fabric glue to attach horizontal bands of ribbon

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