As a part of home decoration, a lamp is very important. To update your lamps, you can add a lampshade. This lampshade, in addition to having an effect on lighting, lampshades can enhance the interior of your home. It is because there are many types and designs of lampshades that you can choose from. It can be adjusted according to your home interior designs. You can customize it according to your taste or style. However, if you want to get more interesting, DIY lampshade makeover ideas are such a good thing.

There are a number of ways to makeover a lampshade, from using items around your house to handcrafting it completely yourself. You can makeover your lampshade using fabric, transfer paper, ribbon, or ropes. You can also add trim to your lampshade, such as ribbon, braided or beaded strands, feather boas, sequins, or whatever else you wish to use. If you’d like to add a pop of color to your bedroom, consider using a floral print lampshade. Adding pom poms to lamp shades can be a great way to dress up an ordinary lamp. The possibilities are endless! There’s a DIY lampshade makeover that suits every mood. Here are some ideas for you.

Rosette Lampshade from homebnc

Neutral Textured Lampshade from homebnc Fabric-Covered Lampshade  from homebnc  Beaded Lampshade from homebnc  DIY Rope Lampshade from homebnc Wine Glasses and Tea Light Shades  from homebnc 
Ruffled Ombre Lampshade from homebnc Tape Color Blocks Lampshade  from homebnc  DIY Paint Lampshade from homebnc Geometric Lantern Shade from homebnc  Abstract Geometric Paper Lampshade  from homebnc

Map Lampshade  from diycraftsy  Doily Covered DIY Lampshade  from diycraftsy  Ruffled Burlap Lampshade  from diycraftsy DIY Ombre Hair Dye Lampshade  from diycraftsy Coffee Filter Lampshade  from diycraftsy Art Style Lampshade  from diycraftsy  DIY Fabric Lampshade from diycraftsy Faux Flower Lampshades from diycraftsy  Fabric Tape Lampshade  from diycraftsy  Chevron Lampshade from diycraftsy  DIY Spray Painted Yellow Lampshades from diycraftsy  Mustache Lampshade  from diycraftsy Balsa Wood Lampshade  from diycraftsy Twine Wrapped Lampshade from diycraftsy  Ribbon + Printed Fabric Lampshade from diycraftsy  City space Tiny Lights Lampshade from diycraftsy  House Plant DIY Lampshade from diycraftsy Buttons Lampshade from thespruce  Silver Lampshade from thespruce  DIY Stencile Lampshade from thespruce 

Ropping Lampshade from thespruce

Ribbon Lampshade from thespruce Embroidered Design Lampshade from thespruce Mosaic Lampshade from thespruce Crystal Makeover Lampshade from thespruceKnitted Lampshade from thespruce

Tape Lamp Shade from thespruce

Chalkboard Lampshade from wonderfuldiy Jute Rope Lampshade from wonderfuldiy Map Lampshade  from wonderfuldiy Gold glitter Lampshade from wonderfuldiy Sweater Lampshade from wonderfuldiy Photo Frame Lampshade from wonderfuldiy Colorful Flower Lampshade from wonderfuldiy

Colorful Rope Lampshade from wonderfuldiy

Writte Lampshade from diys Green Tape Lampshade from diys Jute Rope Lampshade from diys  White Burlap Lampshade from diys  Fabric Floral Lampshade from diys Dutch Tape Lampshade from diys  Brooches Lampshade from diys  Floral Lampshade from diys  Paint Chips Lampshade from diys  

Pom Pom Lampshade from diys

Yarn Ombre Lampshade from diys Fabric Strips Lampsahde Makeover from diysFabric Tape Lampshade Makeover from diys

Sweater Lampshade from homedit

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