Home decor enthusiasts seek anything in their home to elevate. They wish to repurpose, recycle, or just upgrade home items to look more personal. Furthermore, they used to make something that is affordable and easy to copy by others. Are you one of them? Read this article further. We have collected DIY unique lampshade ideas that will make changes to your home decoration. Get more inspiration from our list below and make your room looks different in minutes. Check out!

DIY Beautiful Boho Lampshades

Diy beautiful boho lampshades



What do you think of this boho lampshade? It will look so pretty in your little girl’s room too. The project is easy to make even for a beginner. Start by decorating the lampshade with miscellaneous types of wooden beads in a thin wire. Then, add some tassels to complete the boho feel.

DIY Green Lampshade


Well. It can be the easiest DIY lampshade on this list. Buy faux plants from the craft store. Then, attach them to the lamp. Arrange them as beautifully as you wish. Then, those plants will change the lampshade design in minutes.

DIY Role Lampshade

It isn’t only about the lampshade but the lamp itself. Make this lamp kit using a plastic bottle. Then, cut its top. After that, add some silicone glue from up to down. Then, start to cover the entire surface with rope. Use this lamp to enlighten your bedroom.

DIY Lampshade with Fabric

When you don’t have more time to upgrade your lamp, this project might look like the best thing to do for you. Just cover the entire old lampshade with fabric. Then, you will get a new lampshade look. Use mod podge to attach the fabric sturdily.

DIY Woven Basket Lampshade DIY

It will make your bedroom looks more rustic. You might need a lampshade frame. Cut a small square into the bottom of the basket. Then, fit the socket through it. In this project, you only need to make a small modification. After that, you will get a new lampshade for your lovely bedroom.

DIY Spooky Lampshade

What a cute craft! But, it looks so spooky as well. This lampshade is designed well with lots and lots of googly eyes. Attach the googly eyes one by one to the lampshade. Then, apply green paint. So, it will appear like a monster. Make it more mind-blowing by adding some bats. This project is not difficult. You can finish it in less than an hour. Ask your kids to help you.


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