The ideas below will solve the problem for you who want to create a gorgeous canopy bed while you are not the expert. All ideas are collected in DIY Girl’s Bedroom Decorating Ideas Special With Canopy For All Styles.

Casual Canopy Bed

Casual canopy bed DIY Girl's Bedroom Decorating Ideas Special With Canopy For All Styles


You can see a bedroom with a casual style but gorgeous with a presence of a canopy. It has sheer blue fabric tossed over a string of bright and rustic bulbs. Then, it creates a casual, no-fuss canopy for this imaginative bed space. There is an alert that never tries to recreate this look using regular incandescent bulbs which burn very hot.

Princess Style Bedroom

Princess style bedroom DIY Girl's Bedroom Decorating Ideas Special With Canopy For All Styles


What beautiful canopy bedroom ideas! You can mention this as a dramatic canopy bedroom where the canopy lends a grand and distinctly feminine touch to this rustic space. You can create a similar look as well by using an ordinary metal mop bucket.

Fairy Wreath Ideas

How can this bedroom look so soft, simple, and calm! It is a woodland fairy-inspired bed canopy. You can recreate this by suspending sheer white curtain panels from a rich rustic wreath. Then, the wreath can be suspended from the ceiling.  After that, use the metal curtain hooks in the wreath to hold the curtains.

Slide Canopy Style

This bedroom uses two curtain rods to create a simple fabric drape with whimsical sweeping effects. If you prefer a more traditional look, you can install the first rod higher over the head of the bed. Next, decrease the angle between the two rods. Last, fix the second rod to the ceiling over the foot of the bed.

Minimalist Bedroom With Canopy

Your kids’ bedroom needs an extra touch for playful space. It has a length of fabric draped over a wooden dowel and suspended from ceiling hooks with ribbon or rope.

Bohemian Bedroom With Canopy

Look at this gorgeous space. The velvet fabric is draped from ceiling-mounted hardware that transforms a simple floor bed into an eye-catching bohemian space. You can try mounting a standard curtain rod upside down on the ceiling over the bed. Then, drape your fabric over the top.

Fresh Simple And Bright

Fresh simple and bright DIY Girl's Bedroom Decorating Ideas Special With Canopy For All Styles


It is a simple canopy idea where looks so adorable. It has three points using decorative wooden brackets mounted to the wall above the bed. After that, this idea also adds a playful vibe that spread all around.

Renaissance-Inspired Look

This rustic style bedroom looks so elegant with the Renaissance-inspired canopy. If you cannot afford to buy a traditional canopy bed, you can create your own mini canopy. Start by installing a wooden overhang to the wall above the bed. Then, paint or stain the wood to match your existing bed frame.

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