We throw out everything old and buy the new ones from IKEA or other stores. What about doing some tricks and creating something new from those old furniture items. We might build new furniture items for our backyard. Of course, it will depend on your imagination, crafting skills, budget allowance, and creativity. We show our DIY furniture makeover ideas that will inspire you more. Check them out further below. Think over what you will do with your old furniture later on!

DIY Kids’ Desk

Diy kids’ desk


Do your kids love to draw or paint? They need an art desk, then. If you have an old kitchen cabinet that is not used anymore, you can take the door. Then, adjust the height. Feel free to repaint it with any color you like. 

DIY Hallway Shelves

An old kitchen cabinet will produce more new items. After you make an art desk for your kids, it’s time to make new hallway shelves. You only need to attach some drawers to the hallway wall. Put on anything like old photos, old vases, and more.

Make e New Bench for Backyard

Need a new bench? Pick up two old chairs. It will need a little more hand craftiness, but you will love the result. Prepare wood cedar. Then, attach those woods to the chairs. Unite them in one to get a new bench. Paint it with the color you like. A beautiful white bench for a garden is nice too.

DIY Mirror From Old Cabinet 

A mirror can be made of a piece of door cabinet or window. Just attach the mirror to it. Decorate it well with new paint. The mirror you make will create a larger room and bring more natural sunlight. Cool, right? It is an easy project that a beginner can do in less than an hour.

DIY Nightstand from Oldsuitcase

Making a nightstand from wood will need several supplies. But, who needs that stuff if we have already collected some old suitcases. Just arrange them vertically. Start from the biggest one at the bottom and end with the smallest. Then, put your new nightstand beside the bed.

New Vanity Table

A new portable sewing machine is enough to repair your broken clothes. People didn’t use a manual sewing machines anymore. So, it will be better to do a makeover. The sewing machine can be changed into a vanity table. You can see the picture above to copy the design.




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