The front yard is one of the most important areas in your house. It shows your style and personality. If you are blessed with a wide front area, it will be a great thing to decorate it in a pretty front yard landscape design. You can install more elements to spruce up your home appearance. In this section, we are going to give you some simple tips to increase your homes’ curb appeal. Check out our tips on front yard design that will inspire you.

Hide Your AC Machine

Hide your ac machine


Hide your Air Conditioner in a wooden crate will be a simple idea but give a great impact. It gives a pretty front yard look. The AC may look messy to put in your front yard area. So, hide it will clean something eyesore. What do you think?

Add Flower Bad In Front Yard

It will be a nice thing to add a border for your flower bed. In this picture, the owner adds some pebbles. You are free to use other materials like stones, rocks, or bricks. This pretty simple way will create a big impact on the front yard anyway.

Plant Hydrangea

Hydrangeas are versatile and easy to maintenance. It will grow up easily in any soil condition. Furthermore, Hydrangeas work well for any front yard landscape design. You are free to customize with other flowers too. Hydrangeas are great to combine with any flowers.

Hang Green Garland

Hanging green garland will work well for any front yard decor. It shows natural beauty and freshness. No matter what the season is, the green garland will add a beautiful atmosphere to your front area. Even, this decor works well all year long.

Plant Your Green Plant Along the Pathway

In this picture, we see a pretty front yard design with green grasses and a simple pathway. The owner adds earthy-colored pots as well to give a natural feel. The more natural, the better for this front yard. It deals with natural feels around the house.

Classic Front Yard Design

You can go with rose bushes to get a classic front yard design. This style will never go out of date. Moreover, those flowers will give your area a good smell all day long. Rose bushes are easy to care for.

Aesthetic Lighting At Night

What about creating a beautiful front yard at night. The owner of this house applies string light to attain an aesthetic front yard decor. Awesome, isn’t it?

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