Do you like to have fish? Today, we are going to talk about the idea of making a fish aquarium for home. Dare to try? Making a fish aquarium or fish tank is not a tricky project. We will create a small ecosystem in a glass box. It will be so challenging to see aquatic creatures live in our home. Check out our list below! You will see DIY fish aquarium or tank ideas you can make to care for your aquatic creatures. Get more inspiration further!

Wood Fish Tank Coffee Table



What do you think of this fish tank? Making this fish tank is not hard at all. It will be so amazing to create it in your version. It will need a glass table top, shelving unit, gallon standard tank, chair end caps, and other supplies. Check from Instructables to know more about how to make it. 

DIY Super Mario Brothers Fish Aquarium

Cool, right? You will need 55 gallons long to make this DIY aquarium. Design it like the Super Mario game. Make the staircase, flag, level specs, castle, and several other features from it. First, you have to get the game graphic works. Then, copy it to the aquarium. Check out here.

DIY Mason Jar Fish Tank

You will need a little-sized mason jar, aquarium grave, and a few other materials to make your mini fish tank. It is an easy project that you can do with your kids. Add some items to decorate your tank with flowers, seashells, or others.

DIY Affordable Fish Tank

Look at this fish that is so natural. We love the grass and pebble that remind us of the beauty of the sea. We need a transparent basin, a watertight, and a bubbler to regulate the oxygen level. Make your fish tank version with different decorative items. Let your fish swim here with fun.

DIY Wall Aquarium

What do you think of this wall aquarium? If there is no space to put on a fish tank, mount it on the wall! You will need glass and aluminum panels. Add electrical devices to make it bright. Prepare a bubbler to regulate oxygen level and a thermostat to control water temperature.

Hexagonal Acrylic Aquarium

First, make the acrylic tank. Second, build the frame using wood. Then, bend and join the seam. It looks simple to make, but you will need several minutes to finish this project. Check out more from Instructables to know the detailed instructions. Put this fish in any nook in your home.


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