There are many materials and things for fall decorating ideas. The easiest way to decorate your home with fall touches is by using natural materials. The materials that can be found around your home. This season’s natural beauty is a beautiful backdrop for fall crafts. Besides using fall leaves, dried flowers, pumpkins, corns, or berries, you can also use acorns for your fall decoration ideas. This material is easy to find, inexpensive, and can be used for any purpose. Especially, if you decided to decorate your fall home with DIY ideas. Therefore, the acorn is great for DIY fall decorations.

There are many DIY fall decoration ideas that can incorporate acorns. From acorn candle holders to acorn garlands or wreaths. Glitter-covered acorns are an elegant touch and look especially beautiful displayed in a bowl or vase. These crafts are great for displaying in the home and add a splash of sparkle to the season. Placing acorns inside the mason jars is an excellent choice for using as acorn-inspired DIY fall decoration ideas. By filling the mason jars with acorns, you can give them a warm and earthy feel. You can also place candles inside, which will add a more elegant touch to the decor. Moreover, if you are crafty, you can use the acorn to create a napkin ring, decorate your photo frame, as a centerpiece, and more. Here are some ideas for you.

Acorn Centrepieces from digsdigs

Acorn Candle Holder from digsdigsAcorn in Bowl from digsdigs Vases Acorn from digsdigsAcorn Fall Decor from digsdigs DIY Acorn Flower from digsdigs
Acorn in Vases from digsdigsAcorn Fall Decor  from digsdigsAcorn Candle Holder  from digsdigs

DIY Acorn from digsdigs

Acorn Tree from digsdigs Pillar Candle and Acorn from digsdigsAcorn Mason Jar Candle  from digsdigsAcorn Ring Napkin from digsdigs Glass Jar Acorn from digsdigs
Gold Acorn from digsdigsAcorn and Maple Leaf from digsdigsAcorn Rustic Centerpieces from digsdigsAcorn Frame  from digsdigsAcorn and Drifwood from digsdigs
Paint Acorn from digsdigs Hanging Acorn Decor from digsdigsAcorn Candle from digsdigs Orange Candle and Acorn from digsdigs DIY Tree Acorn Centepieces from digsdigs DIY Small Candle from digsdigs Glass Jar Acorn from digsdigs Glitter Acorn from digsdigs DIY Acorn Candle and RIbbon from digsdigs Pinecone and Acorn from digsdigsAcorn Tray from digsdigsAcorn and Pillar Candle from digsdigsAcorn and Pumpkin Centrepieces from digsdigsAcorn Garland from digsdigs Pumpkin and Acorn from digsdigs

Red Acorn from digsdigs

Acorn and Bow Wreath from ofdesignBasket Acorn  from ofdesign

Painted Acorn from ofdesign

Giant Acorn Decor from hgtv

Wreath Acorn from hgtv

Acorn Frame from diyncrafts

Crochet Acorn  from handylittleme

String Light Acorn from familyhandyman

Acorn and Maple Leaf Wreath from familyhandyman

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