If your husband loves classic things, but you don’t. So, how? Will both of your stack? There is a simple way to unite your wishes using items with modern and classic feels. How come? You can use wood lamps. Wood products are versatile for any home style. From rustic to modern, which one do you prefer? We have collected DIY wood lamps to inspire you. Let us check them out further below!

DIY Minimal Wood Lamp

Diy minimal wood lamp


You only need a wooden log. Make a hole from up to down for the cable. Atta on the bare bulb on top of it. Now, you get a new lamp without spending a lot of money. Make more lamps and sell them online to get more money.

DIY Simple Lamp Stool

A mini stool on a table looks perfect for a modern feel. You will need round wood. Then, make a hole for the cableway. Attach the wooden legs to make it stands. Customize the size and colors you like. You can put this lamp on the nightstand.

DIY Reclaimed Wood Lamp

What a lovely wood lamp! We adore the reclaimed wood that looks so natural. Then, it is combined well with the Himmeli shade. It will create a gorgeous effect in your bedroom. Furthermore, adding this lamp will give a luxurious touch. Do you like it? Check out how to make this reclaimed wood lamp here.

DIY Modern Rustic Wood Lamp

Modern and rustic in one place, why not? Look at this lamp! It shows you how to unite those different tones. A little touch of white paint makes it more adorable. You can change it to black or brown. Put this lamp on your nightstand and see how it impacts your room decoration.

DIY Wood Lamp with Chalkboard Shades

What do you think about these lamps? They are eye-catching, aren’t they? You only need to create the base. It is a little bit tricky, but you will love the result. First, make the sawhorse pipe lamps. Second, top them with chalkboard shades. Third, switch on them and make your room brighter.

DIY Wooden Cube Lamp

This gorgeous lamp will make your bedroom like a hotel room. We love how it is placed well in various ways. The cube works well with an Edison light bulb to make your bedroom bright and airy. You might need several minutes to finish it, but you will love the result.

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