People always look for something to make them feel warmer in colder weather. People are looking for sweaters, jackets, socks, and others. Meanwhile, some people forget to put their little attention to rugs. Rugs actually can pretty warm up your feet when you step on the floor. Therefore, here we show you DIY Easy To Copy Plus Low Budget Rug Ideas To Warm You Up This Winter.


Winter Old Bedding Rug

This winter old bedding rug has an adorable way to spruce up kids’ bedroom at home. Moreover, you can freely change the colors and make the perfect rug for each room in your home. The supplies needed for this old bedding rug are old bedding sheets, anti-rug slip mat or rug canvas with a 1cm grid width, and fabric scissors.

Jute Rug From Dollar Store Twine

Jute rug from dollar store twine DIY Easy To Copy Plus Low Budget Rug Ideas To Warm You Up This Winter

This is a picture of beautiful farmhouse style from jute rug with very inexpensive twine from the dollar store and also a crochet hook. All you need to make this DIY jute rug is about 5 rolls of thick dollar store jute rope and a large Q16 crochet look. This rug is definitely warm for your foot in this colder season.

Cuddly Pom-Pom Rug

This cuddly pom-pom rug is made only with scissors, a toilet roll, and yarn. It is a flexible rug where you can play around with the colors to match any room décor in your house. Here, not to mention that the texture of this pom-pom rug is absolutely foot heaven and perfect for anyone more than your kids. Do not let your time go, you can make this rug from now.

Braided T-Shirt Rug

If you love to have repurposing projects, this braided T-Shirt rug is the best choice. The supplies you need for this rug to warm you during winter are old T-shirts, scissors, a clothes rug, a sewing machine, general sewing supplies, and a non-slip rug underlay.

Felt Faux Stone Rug

Does it look like stones? It is actually a felt faux stone rug. It is made of wool, plastic containers, paper towels, nylon thread, needles, dish soap, and water. Do not forget to prepare your patience and time during the process of creating this felt faux stone rug.

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