Do you live in an apartment that needs to redecorate to welcome winter? Usually, an apartment is built in a small space that is not as big as a house. There will be an open layout room that shows you the dining space, kitchen, and living space in one area. It is not hard to decorate an apartment for winter. However, you have to consider the space and anything that you want to use.


This woven rug is thick enough to provide perfect warmth. Placing it under the dining table area will keep your feet warm. Here you can also add a fur blanket so that it will add to the comfort in the Dining room. Thick Carpet from @sprucingitup.

Very comfortable in winter ! This bed is equipped with layered blankets that will provide perfect warmth. Don’t forget to add fur and pillow accents in this bedroom area so they are perfect in winter. Layered Throw Pillow from @sweetykisslife.

Simple and yet comfortable. This dining room is equipped with a table cloth which is covered with a table runner so that it will look more perfect. A bench equipped with a throw blanket will provide comfort and warmth at the same time. Knit Blanket from @lasthouseonbedfordlane.

The apartment’s dining room is very comfortable. A wooden table combined with soft chairs will be the perfect furniture in the dining room of this apartment. A throw furry blanket will provide the perfect amount of warmth and coziness in your dining room. Furry Accent from @joannes_home2.

Presenting fur accents in winter decorations is one of the right ways to provide warmth. Here you can throw a fur blanket and throw pillow on your dining room bench so it will look perfect in winter. Fur Bench Cover from @our_townhouse_by_the_sea.

This chunky bedding will provide the perfect amount of warmth in a winter bedroom. Coupled with a throw knit blanket that will present an attractive visual appearance and also warm. Red Knit Blanket from @driftwood_decor

This chunky bedding with a reindeer pattern provides the perfect amount of warmth and is perfect for a winter theme. The carpet under the bed will provide warmth to the feet that stand on it. Thick Bedding from @irisette.home.

This living room uses a soft sofa made of cotton material so it will be very comfortable. Equipped with a throw blanket and throw pillow will perfect your living room decoration and feel very comfortable in winter. Throw Blanket and Pillow from @elinstad.

The wide carpet under the sofa will work well to provide warmth in your living room. This soft sofa which is equipped with throw pillows and throw blankets will make your living room decoration more perfect and still comfortable. Wide Carpet and Blanket from @vitahusenitulka.

The fur rug under the sofa will keep your feet warm and more comfortable. A soft sofa equipped with throw pillows will be a very comfortable place to relax with family or guests. Furry Carpet and Throw Pillow from @miascoziness.

Do you want convenience? Using thick bedding is the perfect idea to provide comfort in your bedroom. But that’s not enough, here you can add fur blankets and pillows to make it more perfect. Bedding and Throw Pillow from @homeinestonia.

This Windows bench is equipped with a throw pillow and throw blanket so that it will provide double benefits. In addition to presenting an attractive visual appearance in winter, it will also provide comfort. Fur Blanket and Pillow from @lisa_landhaus.

Adding a wide carpet in your winter living room will provide the perfect warmth and comfort. Then you can also complete the thick sofa with throw pillows and blankets so that winter can be spent pleasantly. Wide Carpet and Throw Pillow from @homeanddesign44.

This bench is equipped with a bench cover which will make it more perfect in winter. The fur rug under the bench will provide warmth to the feet that stand on it. Bench Cover from @casa_omame.

Look at this built bench, complete with pillows and blankets that make it look very comfortable. The wreath accent behind the bank will give a simple and refreshing winter feel. Fur Blanket and Pillow from @carenslittleworld.

The owner chose wooden furniture to add a natural feel to this apartment. This fur rug under the dining table will provide the perfect warmth. Even though the dining room is built in a small space, it looks so clean and tidy. Fur Carpet and Long Curtain from @emeliedurfelt.

This bedroom looks warm with wooden floors. The owner also added a rug to complete his winter decor. A bed equipped with pillows and throw blankets will provide the perfect comfort this winter. Blanket and Pillow from @fphfurniture.

Look at the living room with a soft sofa, it looks comfortable right? Carpet, pillow and blanket in this area will work together to provide comfort. Some flower arrangements and Christmas trees that have not been decorated will make the winter decorations even more festive. Thick Sofa with Pillow from @dutchmanscasual.

They may spend more time in the guest’s roar. To keep it warm all day long, the owners added layered rugs under the floor. Don’t forget the pillows and blankets thrown on the couch. Thus, this area will get warmth every morning. Layered Carpet from @our_shropshire_kingsville.

The black sofa looks warm with blankets and pillows. We love the plain rug underneath which gives the space extra coziness. The owner of this apartment provides additional lighting fixtures to keep the room bright at night. Thick Sofa with Pillow from @ourholmfirthhome.

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