Your kids will probably not be in school over winter break. Meanwhile, it does not mean they need to stop learning science. Therefore, here we show you DIY Crafts With Science Experiments To Get You Kids Feel Amazing This Winter.

Snow Cano

The snow-volcano looks so amazing to be your winter project to play and learn with your kids. The materials you need are a cup or plastic bottle to set the volcano on the ground in the snow, baking soda, vinegar, and food coloring, and snow. Have your kids pour vinegar into the cup and then step back to make your snow volcano erupt. Then, your kids will immediately see the snow volcano erupting in their eyes. Moreover, the food coloring will make the volcano more colorful.

Melting Snowman Experiment

Melting snowman experiment DIY Crafts With Science Experiments To Get You Kids Feel Amazing This Winter

In winter, it so funny to stuck your attention to see your two snowmen which one melts fastest. First, freeze 3 water-filled balloons ( 1 large, 1 medium, 1small) for the snowman. Second, peel the balloon off your frozen ice balls. Third, use a bit of salt to adhere to the balls, stack your ice to form a snowman. Last, some felt to make the face and buttons. Make sure, you wet the felt and add just a pinch of salt to stick them on.

Super Bouncy Snowballs

The super-bouncy snowballs need 1 cup liquid starch, 1 cup glue, and a little bit of warm water. Besides, you can use a non-food bowl or container to combine the liquid starch and glue.

Winter Scent Lab

Creating a winter scent lab this winter will be great as your family project. The materials you need are 6 small empty glads jars, water, cloves, cinnamon stick, a sprig of pine or fir tree, a dollop of vanilla extract, a teaspoon of coffee grounds, peppermint Altoids, food coloring, and a game template. This project is fun both to make the scents, try, and test all your family sense of smell by playing a matching game.

Crystal Snowflake

The supplies you need to create this crystal snowflake are a wide-mouth jar, pipe cleaner, a small piece of yarn, a pencil, and borax.


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